Pope Francis’ Folly & Republicans Fail With Border Amnesty Bill | The Sentinel Report Ep. 33

February 08, 2024 Episode 33
Pope Francis’ Folly & Republicans Fail With Border Amnesty Bill | The Sentinel Report Ep. 33
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Pope Francis has continued to throw doctrine and reason out the window in pursuit of progressive and socialist ideology, explained William F. Japser, a Catholic and senior editor for The New American magazine, to Alex Newman in this episode of The Sentinel Report. Newman and Jasper discuss how Francis’ actions have continued to not only push the church further away from truth but have also weaponized religion to aid the New World Order.

Next on the program, Alex is joined by Wid Lyman, a field reporter for BorderHawkNews, to break down the horrendous new border and immigration amnesty bill that “Republicans” are supporting.

This episode provides key analysis on crucial issues facing America from leading experts who are breaking the narrative and exposing the truth with facts and logic.

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Speaker 1:

contrary to the Bible and the United States Constitution. And now here is your host, alex Newman.

Speaker 2:

Welcome everybody to the Sentinel Report. I am your host, alex Newman, and it is an honor to be able to spend some time with you today on this beautiful day that the Lord has made. It is Thursday, february 8th. For those of you who are watching us live If you're watching us on one of the other networks or on the replay, or listening to us on a podcast we sure appreciate you tuning in. We've got some very special guests joining us today to break down some of the key issues of the day, including the wokeness that seems to be infiltrating the Catholic Church. We've got an incredible Catholic writer actually he's a fellow senior editor of the New American Magazine who just did a phenomenal piece on this who's gonna break down for us the growing resistance within the Catholic hierarchy even to some of what Pope Francis, also known as Bragoglio, is up to. We also have Witt Lyman joining us to break down what's going on at the border and folks. It is out of control, so stay tuned for that. And, of course, we have our news segment that will probably be cut short today, so we don't have to cut short our guests Before we get there, though, a word from the word, like we do every day. This comes out of Proverbs 16, verse nine. It says the heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. It's a good thing to remember. We can plan, but ultimately God is sovereign. Now before we get into our news segment, folks, you know I am huge on the Patriot economy. I am sick of woke corporations trying to shove ungodly, wicked values down the throats of me and my family and my children and my coworkers and my colleagues. I'm just, I've had it. I'm sick of woke companies waging war on my country and my faith and my family. I'm sick of it. And so, with that in mind, we love to partner with Patriot companies, and one of the greatest ones that I know of is Patriot Mobile. We're gonna be having the CEO on the program very soon here. 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It's also on Worldview Tube and we so appreciate everybody that carries us Lindell TV and Brighton and the Blessed News Network, also the Active Kingdom Entertainment Network, all the major podcast providers and, of course, the AMFM stations that carry us. We are very grateful for all of you. Let's get in the news real quick, folks, because there's so much to break down here. We've got. Attorney General Bonta in California has issued a legal warning for all the school districts and all the officials in the school districts, saying you better not tell parents of children that their children are on the path to a gender transition. They're getting ready to chop off their private parts. The little girls are getting ready to have hysterectomy or double mastectomy. You better not tell them. That's a violation of the law, says Attorney General Bonta. And so he issued this legal warning for him. He cited a preliminary ruling out of a San Bernardino Court, the San Bernardino Superior Court, preliminarily enjoining the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education. They actually had a policy that they adopted in October. That said, if a child is pretending to be a different sex, if a child is coming to school as a boy and then dressing up as a girl and calling himself she, then parents must be notified. Well, the state AG in California is going to go after him. He says, and I'm quoting here unconstitutional school policies that forcibly out and endanger the psychological and emotional wellbeing of transgender and gender non-conforming students have no place in our classrooms. In other words, parents, we don't care what you think, we don't care about your parental rights. We will hide all of this from you. So we're gonna brainwash your kids, tell them they were born in the wrong body and that if they chop off their private parts they're gonna be their true selves, and we're gonna make sure that nobody even tells you about it. Folks, if you still have your children in these indoctrination camps, I would hope this would serve as a powerful warning. We have got to stop this, folks, and the only way to do it, the only way to do it is to remove our children. Attorney General Bonta goes on to say at the California Department of Justice we will continue safeguarding the civil rights of all students, the civil rights to chop off their private parts lie to their parents. I don't even know what to say, folks, this is monstrous and it needs to stop. Good news over in South Carolina. I actually just flew in this morning from South Carolina. I was up there doing some speaking events. There's wonderful patriots up there, and one of the Republican officials who came to my event let me know about this. Just yesterday, the subcommittee that was considering SB 861, this is a bill that specifically excludes central bank digital currencies from the definition of money in South Carolina statute. It has passed out of the subcommittee and it is now in the committee. So if you live in South Carolina, call up your lawmakers. Tell them SB 861 is a must do. We've already done this here in Florida. We have banned central bank digital currencies. But all by ourselves we can't stop this. But if 30 states ban central bank digital currencies, we can make progress. So folks, get on the phone. If you live in South Carolina. If you don't live in South Carolina, find out what's going on in your state and make sure that you are on the phone with your legislators. Make sure that you're organizing a meeting with your legislators to let them know that we will not stand idly by while you try to enslave us with central bank digital currencies. A big new study just came out exposing a massive surge in heart failure among the people who took the COVID injection. It's a peer reviewed study and a lot of evidence. Folks, there's a direct link between the global surge in heart failure and, of course, the COVID mRNA shots masquerading as COVID vaccines, and the CDC knew this right. We know now that they even put out a warning letter and then they didn't put it out because they didn't want anybody to know. So they knew that you were gonna get heart damage, they knew that this was gonna hurt you and they did it anyway. As far as I'm concerned, that is a crime of monumental proportions and we need somebody to be held accountable. Now we do have the Biden administration doing some shuffling going on. John Kerry, the Skull and Bones member who served as climate czar, actually ran into him a year and a month ago in Egypt. He's wearing a face mask and he's surrounded by his goon squads, and I asked him a few questions and he did not wanna talk. I could hardly understand what he was saying through the face mask, but he is now out the door. He's apparently joining Biden's campaign and instead Biden, or whoever Biden's handlers are, have tapped John Podesta to be the new top climate envoy. Now, john Podesta has a long and very interesting history. He was the chair of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and, of course, you remember his emails got hacked. One of the things that we found out from his hacked emails was that he was thinking about going to a spirit cooking party with his buddy, marina Abramovich. If you're watching us, you see what a spirit cooking party looks like. You write in blood and you summon spirits. It's not just blood, they mix all kinds of body fluids in a cauldron. Folks, this is absolutely diabolical. This is absolutely from the pit of hell. And, of course, we know John and Tony have some really creepy art. If you're watching us right now, you can see this is the kind of art that they hang up in their house. What kind of sicko would put this kind of art in their home is hard to fathom. And yet this is the guy who now is gonna be the climate czar for the Biden administration. Folks, that should tell you how seriously they take this climate front right, that they're gonna put a top level globalist operative like John Podesta who, by the way I recently exposed, just last year, involved in some really nefarious activities in Bulgaria. Go read my article in the New American about that. Things that, for a normal person, would have been criminal, right, paul Manafort, pick up the phone, right? So yeah, very, very shady. And, folks, I think it's significant that they put this weirdo in, as the new climates are Now. Elon Musk has successfully, he says implanted a brain chip into human beings. Yes, the first human has officially received an implant from Neuralink and, according to Elon Musk, he is recovering well Now. This company's been doing it for a long time into animals and in fact, in my talks on transhumanism I've showed videos of him talking about this. Not only can it read the brain waves, it can also, he says, right on the brain. You know, I'm not a Lydite, I'm not anti-technology. I think there is a time and a place for technology, but, frankly, when Elon Musk says we need to merge with AI to be, to remain relevant, I'm just not interested. I'm just not interested. So, folks, these are huge, highly significant developments in the technological realm and I hope you're paying attention. Now a really interesting new survey, and this is our last but not least news item before we go to our first guest, william Jasper, my friend and fellow senior editor at the New American. But a new survey shows that 27% of Americans identify as Republican, 27% of Americans identify as Democrats and a lot of people identify as independence or nothing. And folks. To give you a sense of how radically these numbers have changed even in 2008, 36% of adults identified as Democrats, republicans it was 34%. So we're seeing a massive decline in people who identify with either of the major parties and I think it's pretty easy to see why. People are sick of being lied to. People are sick of rhinos, people are sick of people like voting to clear Majorcas as he's burning our border to the ground and importing 10 million illegal immigrants, mostly military aged men. This is an outrage, folks, but, yeah, very significant for the future. Stay with us. We're gonna be right back with William F Jasper, one of the best investigative journalists on the planet and a personal friend. We're gonna break down what's going on in the Catholic Church and more. Stay tuned.

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Speaker 2:

Welcome back to the center report, alex Newman here, your friendly host and so glad you could be with us. Our first guest today is William Jasper, good friend, great Patriot and Truly one of the best investigative journalists in the world. I have learned so much from him over the years and I have the great honor of serving a senior editor of the New American magazine Alongside of him, although he has been doing this for longer than I've been on this planet. So really a true expert, bill. Welcome to the program. Thank you so much for joining us. You did a phenomenal article that appeared in the New American magazine last month about the Pope's same sex blessings and and you've been exposing some of this stuff for a long time now it's almost become I don't know if you have a beat, but it's almost become a beat for you. You are a Catholic, you are a traditional Catholic, you love the Catholic faith, and yet you are not the only one who's quite concerned about some of what's coming out of the Vatican. In fact, in your articles you're going through a lot of, you know, mainstream, very orthodox, even people in the Vatican hierarchy who are speaking out about some of the things that Pope Francis is doing. Give us the breakdown for the folks who are watching.

Speaker 5:

Okay, well, just about everybody knows that the current Pope, pope Francis, has been For quite a number of years in fact his entire pontificate issuing and proclaiming and Promo gating many very controversial, unorthodox, heterodox and At least bordering on, if not outright, heretical Statements that have contradicted traditional church teaching. So I was in Rome at the conclave not inside the conclave, but outside, in fact, I was right there in the front front row beneath the Balcony when came out and in 2013, march 2013, I was filming there and interviewing people, and so when, when Bergoglio, cardinal Bergoglio was announced as the new pope, everybody around me including some of the Vatican East is had no idea who he was. We have since found out. He has been promoting a tremendous number of Tremendous number of Very harmful things for the faith and for the planet. He is a darling of the world economic forum. He sends his greetings there regularly, he sends Cardinal Turksen or some other church official to Officially bless these Events, and he has been a big promoter of the whole world economic forum globalist agenda. So there are, of course, very many questions inside Catholic circles as to how this came about and what actually occurred at the conclave, and what actually role did Bergoglio, pope Francis play in the what many of us believe was the forced decision of Pope Benedict to resign, to Abdicate the throne, the chair of Peter, and so over the last few years there have been a lot of things going on. But it came to a head here right before Christmas, on December 18th, when the Dicastry for the Doctrine of the Faith used to be known as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and before that, the Holy Office. But the Dicastry of the Doctrine of the Faith, which is the key institution in the church issuing pronouncements on matters of faith and morals, issued a declaration signed by the Pope, authored by Cardinal Fernandez, whom the Pope had just appointed, called Fiducius Suplicans, and it, as many of your viewers will already know, gave the approval for priests to bless homosexual couples. They didn't say homosexual unions, and there's been a whole bunch of maneuvering on the part of the Vatican. It was very cunningly written so that they could say well, we are not blessing a marriage or a civil union, we are blessing the individuals as a couple and as many in your introduction you noted, there are many church cardinals, bishops, archbishops, priests, congregations, bishops, groups, particularly in Africa and in the third world where they haven't become so woke with all the liberation theology and Marxist-Leninist infiltration of the church. Who have condemned this, who have said that we will not allow our priests to do this. We came out fully against it and now there's quite a few of very knowledgeable theologians, very influential theologians and other lay people and Catholic organizations that have taken a strong stand against it now also.

Speaker 2:

Yeah, and even before this issue with the homosexual unions, you had another article in the New American going through some of the people that Francis was appointing to various committees. I mean, you had people who were not just not Catholics, but people who were proud atheists, people who were homosexual activists, people who were uttering quite openly blasphemy. It really is amazing, bill, we're just about out of time in this segment, but when I called you today to see if you could come on and break some of this down for me, you let me know that you had just finished a review of my book Indoctrinating Our Children to Death. I had the opportunity to read it and I thank you so much for that, bill. People can find all of that at thenewamericancom. You'll find that review Again. Bill is a good friend and even more than that, he's one of the top journalists in the world. Folks, so go to thenewamericancom, subscribe to the magazine if you're not signed up yet and read whenever Bill Jasper's article's come out. That ought to be the first one on your reading list. Bill, we're out of time in this segment. But any final words, any other ways that people can follow you on the interwebs or any other place?

Speaker 5:

Well, I would urge people to go to thenewamericancom. We have a whole slew of new articles up there, exclusively online. In our print magazine we have exclusive articles that appear only there, so you can go there online and check it out. We urge you to subscribe.

Speaker 2:

Excellent. Bill Jasper, thank you so much for coming on the program. I thank you for all that you do. Hopefully we'll get you back very soon to break down this stuff in more depth. This is, I think, one of the biggest stories and people need to know. So thank you, sir, we'll talk to you soon, right? All right, folks, we're gonna be right back with Widd Lyman. He's with Borderhawk News to break down the latest with Secretary of Homeland Security, majorcas and, of course, the Dumpster Fire that is the southern border of the United States. Stay tuned.

Speaker 6:

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Speaker 2:

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Speaker 3:

It's good to be with you again, alex. You know the failure to impeach my orcas comes at such a tough time with this Senate bill coming through, the current law at the border situation that we're having as far as January numbers go. But the situation is certainly not going anywhere and with this latest bill kind of dying in the Senate and moving forwards, you know what are we gonna have at the border. What's gonna happen, you know? I think what we're seeing is the administration is setting up to blame President Trump and the Republicans for continued failure at the border. We've seen some of their verbiage going forwards. They're already saying that if Republicans don't get this done and the situation it's not gonna get any better, we're gonna have to pull funding, we're gonna have to lower deportations, lower detentions, so the situation is gonna continue to be terrible and what you're seeing here is some maneuvering by the administration to sort of blame the Republicans going forwards.

Speaker 2:

Yeah, I've noticed that. And even the fake media. Now, oh, the Republicans are blocking border security. Wow, amazing, amazing, the mental gymnastics and the propaganda that these people spew all day, every day. Now we know that the Democrats want to provide amnesty. We know that they want to legalize what Biden has done, and we know they got a bill to do it. Senator Chuck E Schumer announced it, and typically they don't announce things unless they are confident that they have enough rhino Sellouts to get it through. Do you think they're gonna be able to get this through? With Donald Trump speaking out against it so publicly, with the American people appalled at the thought of Amnesty, do you think they're gonna be able to get this through? And and what should average everyday Americans do when it comes to this bill and the broader issue?

Speaker 3:

There's two important things that we're trying to get out for your listeners and the average American to kind of pay attention to. One is this boy. This bill died very quickly. You know we saw the Speaker Johnson saying that we're not gonna vote on this. Is it gonna go anywhere? This died pretty quickly within the Senate itself and then, just today, the big update is that the Senate is moving forward with a new bill that gives aid to Israel, to Indochina, to Ukraine, in its own way, and it's worth somewhere around 95 billion dollars, which, as your viewers know, the original bill was about 118 billion, which less than 20% of that was going towards the US border itself. So it was filled with all of this International aid and assistance, which is, you know, hard to put your finger on. I thought we were trying to protect the border. What about Americans? What about our sovereignty? And you're giving away a hundred billion dollars to these. These other nations Give or take hundred billion dollars. So today's push, I think, is the real sign here that this was the purpose of the bill. You know, 95 billion going towards these other areas, and this is kind of the big thing Going forward. So they, they present this one bill. It doesn't pass now they can blame Republicans, they can move forward with whatever they want. And then the very next day we have this other bill that gives again billions of dollars of American taxpayer money to foreign countries.

Speaker 2:

Yep, and by the way, folks, those are dollars, of course, that we do not have. Those are dollars that are gonna be borrowed on the backs of your children and your grandchildren from our top geopolitical enemies like the Communist Chinese. I mean, you couldn't even write a script this ridiculous because nobody would believe it. And yet here we are. What's the agenda? Why are they doing this on the board? I keep hearing people tell me that they just want to import more Democrat voters. I get the feeling that it's much deeper than that. What do you say?

Speaker 3:

You know, alex, we've we've looked at this a lot and you and I have chatted about the purpose and the intent and a lot of it is speculation. But you know a lot of people say that's because of voters bringing all these people in. They're gonna vote for the administration going forwards. There is a report coming out of Denver that some of their migrants there have already stated we're gonna vote for Biden if we get that chance. And you know how much of other reasons. Is it gonna lower the American dollars? They're gonna hurt wages. Is it gonna import the third world into the US? You know what is that gonna do to America. You know all these reasons are very nefarious and the administration isn't dumb. I think it's an important concept is to think that they're doing this by accident. They're incompetent, they don't know what they're doing. It's certainly not. It's. It's done by intent. And there's a great quote that we have From actually on border Hawk news. It's from the senator from Connecticut and he talks about letting down the people we care the most about Undocumented Americans. So you've already seen the verbal no-transcript. No, it's not. We're just watching our country collapse. By the way, the fact that we have the people that we're gonna vote for. We're gonna vote for them to be able to be able to get out of their country and get out of their country, and get out of their country and get out of their country.

Speaker 2:

No, it's not. We're just watching our country collapse all around us. The website is borderhawknews borderhawknews folks. This is one of the top issues and borderhawknews is the best place I know of to get all of the latest developments on immigration WID. Thank you very much for joining us, really appreciate it. How can people follow you on Twitter or on other places on the internet?

Speaker 3:

We're primarily on X right now. My current personal account is WID, underscore Lyman, and then we have an X account that we update very regularly. Our chief editor is fantastic. We have reporters on the ground who live in Mexico covering this issue. You're going to get a lot of unique and unusual stories, so to speak, going forward. So borderhawknews, and then you got X at borderhawknews.

Speaker 2:

Very good. Wid Lyman. Thank you so much for joining us at borderhawknews. Folks Check it out. Critical, critical information. We are just about out of time and it always passes so quickly, but I want to thank you guys all for tuning in. I want to thank you for supporting our sponsors. It's what makes this program possible. And I also want to encourage you to keep tuning in. Go to our website, Sign up for our newsletter. That way you won't miss anything that we are putting out the incredibly significant news reports, the information that the fake media wants to hide from you about how to keep yourself healthy, how to keep yourself free, how to keep your country free and, of course, how to protect your family from the vicious assaults that seem to be escalating by the moment. So go to libertycentralorg libertycentralorg. Sign up for our newsletter there. I mentioned earlier, this show is going to be broadcasting on patriottv and also worldviewtube, so keep following us there. Again, we thank you endlessly for tuning in. We thank you for supporting our sponsors. We appreciate you all and love you all so much. Until next time. Thanks for watching and God bless you all.

(Cont.) Pope Francis’ Folly & Republicans Fail With Border Amnesty Bill | The Sentinel Report Ep. 33