Mainstream Media Collapse? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 335

February 09, 2024 Episode 335
Mainstream Media Collapse? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 335
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In this episode of About George, Gene Ho explores the possibility of a mainstream media collapse, fueled by big tech layoffs and a focus on influence over revenue.

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Speaker 1:

All right, it's time to talk about it. Let's talk about the media, the mainstream media. Wow, they're getting into a lot of trouble here. Not sure how long they're gonna be around, but we're gonna talk about it, about George Eugene Ho coming up and welcome everyone and happy Friday to you, hope you're having a good week here. A lot of stuff going on in the news and everything. We'll cover all of that in just a second and talk about the media. But before I do that, just wanted to remind everyone and I know you know what I'm gonna say, come on, you've been listening for a while, but starting Monday, february 19th that is President's Day this show goes exclusively on georgemagazinecom. It debuts at 9 o'clock, just like this show, and then we'll have it there so you can see the reruns or you can see on your own timeframe, but it's all happening at georgemagazinecom and, by the way, so there's no funny feelings about it. I fully support Patriot TV, by the way. I like the people there, all this stuff. But I'm just letting everyone know, and it's under good terms, that we're doing all this stuff. It's best for everybody and again, please continue to support Patriot TV and all that good stuff. All right, there's a lot of stuff to still discuss here, even before we get into this mainstream media stuff with all I shouldn't say all but a lot of these media companies struggling very much, laying people off. I'm gonna break it all down for you. And who knew where mainstream media was bashing me? I am not gonna bash them, even though I have a voice in it, because I work for a media company as well, not only here, but with georgemagazine. So it's funny that now you gotta listen to me now. But interesting thing about it, I'm not gonna bash. I'm just gonna tell you what it is and what's really going on, which is what mainstream media should have done in the first place Interesting how what comes around goes around and all that good stuff. But we're gonna break it down for you. Just want to make comment. There's a lot of things going on. As you know. There's already news that after the South Carolina primary I believe that primary is going to be on Saturday, february 24th. I think that's the date, pretty sure. But after that date Roda McDaniels is going to step down, according to reports, from being the RNC chair. They have it as rumor that who's gonna replace her is Michael Watley, who is the North Carolina GOP chair, so he's a state GOP chair Great news for me. He's a buddy of mine, known him, known him for a long time, known him before he became North Carolina chair because I worked with him in the Trump campaign a long time ago. Now, with something like this they still have to vote on it and these are the members of the RNC and all that stuff it gets very complicated. But if Trump wants it, chances are that's what's gonna happen and we're gonna see it all play out in a little bit. But very interesting. Roda McDaniels looks like she is going to be out. All right, let's talk a little bit about mainstream media. All right. For the longest time before Trump, that is, mainstream media dominated the news landscape. That is interesting because when Donald Trump came onto the scene, he did something which everyone thought he was just joking around. But he started saying phrases like fake news, fake media and all this stuff. Back then I was with the campaign when he started saying that. Even I thought it was just a big joke, that he was just teasing it. But as time went on, you can see hey, maybe the media is biased and the media is biased against Donald Trump. Very interesting, so fast forward. I guess we're almost here, almost nine not quite 10 years from that. It was about nine years ago when I started with Donald Trump. It's hard to believe I've been part of this for so long, but now we're starting to see a lot of media companies go out of business. Now let's start with this one Greg roll it.

Speaker 2:

You got a good sports illustrated story for us.

Speaker 3:

Another form of go won't go broke. So sports illustrated in 2020 decided to use a trans model on the cover of their 2020 issue, and they've kept this up in successive magazines. Well, there will come as a shock to no one that news broke this week that much of the staff of sports illustrated, and possibly all remaining writers and editors, received layoff notices on Friday because they're not doing so. Well, Turns out, not all sex sells, just some. Are you surprised, James?

Speaker 2:

Well, look, I think actually it's important not to sort of turn this around too much, because the thing is actually that sports illustrated had been a declining brand forever. So really, what the lesson here is that when you are in decline, don't try these stunts to try and get some media hype and attention, because it's All right, first of all, I got to do my research because that lady in pink, I like her.

Speaker 1:

I mean, look at see, that's what works in media. People say all the time with me oh my goodness, you have so much energy. Look at that lady, come on, those are people that you want to watch, those are the people you want to turn on the television for. Do you guys still have television? I'm not sure. I'm not sure. I don't even have television anymore. I got a couple of screens right, Got my computer screens. I got a TV. I guess I got a TV no cable, no cable, no cable attached to my own TV. But I just want to make mention that that that young lady in pink man, she has my heart because it makes me want to watch her, makes me want to find out what she has to say. But let's get back into the topic here, because that is obviously one of the reasons. I would imagine all right, sports Illustrated. You have people that like women, they like sports, they like cheerleaders, they like boxing, they like fighting, they love women. Also, when the women are punching each other in the UFC, all right, you get where I'm going with this, right, that's a core audience, that is, who are the people that read or buy Sports Illustrated. Now, it's interesting because I'm going to tie it in a lot later on when it comes to George. It's also very interesting because we judge what kind of content we bring out based upon who's clicking on our links. Isn't that weird? That is strange, isn't it? What a concept, really what a concept. We know who's clicking on what, so we know who our readers are. I get it. There are a lot of people that read our magazine. There are some very, very nice people in this magazine. Not all of them get clicks, which means a lot of people don't want to read about them. Who knew? What a concept. However, there's other people that we have on there that some people might love or hate, without naming them, but when people click on them, we know what they're reading. How simple is that of a concept? So, with someone like Sports Illustrated and everyone, now I have a voice. I'm not just some person, just speaking it, because I am the editor in chief of a magazine, george, and what I'm telling you here is, with Sports Illustrated, is that that is an agenda. It might be your agenda, but just quite possibly, quite possibly is not what your readership wants to read. They might not want. Do we even read that? Just a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and they have a trans on there. I am telling you, when it comes to most of their readers, just guessing from the outside, just guessing I would imagine that most readers want to see trans women, not on the cover of Sports Illustrated where they grew up. Quite frankly, young boys growing up with Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Sorry, just going to say it like it is All right. So that is what just happened there. By the way, love, love, that outsider program needs to do some research. Keep talking about it. But there's other reasons. The magazines are going down and newspapers are going down. See in this video if you can figure out the reasoning and then once I point it out to you, you're gonna be like hmm, makes sense, gene, help.

Speaker 5:

Greg roll it Massive layoffs at the LA Times. More than 20% of the newsroom staff is getting a pink slip, as the paper announced. At least 115 layoffs today.

Speaker 6:

Fox 11's Marliteas is here with this news. Really sad and really bad for LA.

Speaker 5:

Bad for a democracy right. So this is one of the biggest rounds of layoffs in the Los Angeles Times' 142-year-old history, the paper itself reporting the massive cut of at least 115 employees. The owner, Dr Patrick Sun-Shuang, bought that paper almost six years ago says the cuts were necessary because the paper is losing 30 to 40 million a year. The economic downturn is being blamed on the proliferation of social media platforms that consumers now turn to for news and entertainment, as well as the All right, la Times.

Speaker 1:

First of all, my apologies to the people that got laid off. I know when you get laid off it's a very scary time, so me having a voice in this. Very sorry to hear about that. But when you look at that video regardless of what that newscaster said and, by the way, very interesting bad day for democracy, honestly, truly, is it a bad day for democracy or a good day for democracy? Just think about it for a second. However, when it comes to this, we're talking about that video that you just saw. Could you take in your wildest imaginations what might be wrong with that? And I mean seriously. Once I tell you you're gonna be like scrolling back or whatever and seeing it, did you see the size of their office? Seriously, an office building that big? How many advertisers do you have to have just to pay the rent? No, not even paying the rent, seriously, I'm serious here Just to pay the electricity bill in that place, just electricity. Oh, you got it for free. Just pay the electricity. How many ads do you think you have to sell to make that business work under that model? Just saying, I'm just saying look at it, look at the picture of the building and ask yourself how many if you were in charge of advertising. How much sales do you think you have to do? Not even to pay the people, just to pay the electricity in that building. Just wondering. All right, see where I'm going with this Now. Mainstream media you have to listen to me because mainstream media is going out of business and George is doing quite well. All right, see where this is going. All right, stick around. There's more for you about George Jean Ho coming back.

Speaker 6:

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Speaker 6:

Call for your free author submission kit at 855-993-2114. That's 855-993-2114.

Speaker 1:

And welcome back everyone to About George with Gene Ho. We're going to have some other shows there. It's going to be very interesting. You're going to see a very interesting dynamic coming in in America. But until then, please support the sponsors here and Patriot TV. By the way, we might be a sponsor here ourselves, so we never know. There's a lot of good things going on, so if you want to do it, please go to GeorgeMagazinecom and get yourself a subscription, all right. Now back to the topic and I am trying not to gloat at all, because I try not to gloat at other people's downfalls, and so I feel very upset for some of these people losing their jobs, because I know the feeling. I know the feeling and the the pit in your stomach when you're worrying about, quite frankly, how you're going to pay your mortgage or your rent and what's going to happen with that. So I understand this grossly unfair. What I am saying with this is that I have a right to talk about this because for many years I've been slammed by mainstream media. Now I am now part of the media as well. You can say, oh, you're alternate media or whatever. I am going to tell you that in the years to come, we will. George will be the mainstream media. That's going to be the new look of media. So do yourself a favor and I'm being very nice in this program with this, but you need to listen to me, because I had to listen to you slam me for a long, long time about things, but now I am the editor-in-chief of George magazine and the magazine is doing just fine. Now I gave some hints already with what it is. Number one go go broke. Now here's the thing we cover many different people, many different people. People. You love people. You hate people on the right and people on the left. However, it is not agenda driven, even though I have an extreme bias towards the conservative right, quite frankly, probably in some ways the right, far right, not the way, way right. But I'm all there. You guys know this. You guys have been following me for years, some of you guys. So I have my biases, but the position and the job of media is to present information and let people decide for themselves. Now, when it comes to that, we also have another obligation and is to our readers, and this is where it gets interesting. When it comes to our readers, we actually do listen to them. We have weekly reports where we know what articles people are clicking at. So we know what interest articles. So it is very interesting that we have that sort of data and we know our audience and we know our audience pretty well. Here's the thing with that when you have someone like Sports Illustrated, I can probably guess to you what the readership wants to read truthfully. So did they push an agenda towards it with having a trans person on the cover? Who knows, who knows, but it doesn't seem to be working out with them. The other thing is we talked about the LA Times and once again, my heart goes out to the people that lost their jobs. Very interesting, okay, I really feel bad for you guys. At the same time, I made a point there. If you just look at the video, what possibly might be wrong? Did you see the size of that building? I really would like to know what the rent commercial mortgage, whatever. I would even like to know what the cost of heat and air that place. To be honest, I would like to know what the costs of the desks are there. Now, without giving me exact numbers, do you know what the rent is for George Magazine? Well, guess, I don't even know it's like a Netflix. All right, it's like a Netflix subscription or a Showtime subscription. It's so low that I don't even know what it is, because we use a virtual office called Slack. Slack is a virtual office and for every person on Slack I think I'm not even sure I should know the numbers, but I think it's like 12 bucks a person, 12 bucks a chair, whatever. So times that by how many people we have working and that's our office. It's a virtual office with virtual rooms and so the whole operation. I don't even know what is it Seriously like? Like I said, the expense is so low. It's like a Netflix. If you could ask right now what's your Netflix bill for the month, probably you don't even know. I think I had ESPN plus. I don't even know what else paying for that. It was so low. It was here's a good word inconsequential. See how proud I am that I know words like that. But anyway, it's so low. We use a virtual office and, by the way, it's not easy either. It's like being in an office. You have different chat rooms, you have different rooms and you go there and you monitor all day like a real job. You show up, you go in there, you plug in and you work, and it's not always nice because I have Dave Blaise saying oh, where you at? Where you at, you're not here, you're not there. It's a virtual office, but I could tell you the rent is very low. How about that? That puts us at an advantage, because when you look at someone like the LA Times, you just wonder how in the world they pay rent on a building that big. All right, here's some more for you. This one's an interesting video and we're gonna talk about it. Greg roll it.

Speaker 7:

Normally a very busy time for Condé Nast writers. Employees at Vanity Fair, vogue, gq, allure, glamour and other Condé Nast publications walked out to hold a rally in front of the company's offices in New York, and then Anne Hathaway got involved. So apparently Hathaway was completely unaware of the work stoppage. When she arrived at the New York City photo shoot, she was still in hair and makeup when her team was notified by a staffer from SAG-AFTRA to advise Hathaway to support the work stoppage, the source said they hadn't even started taking photos yet.

Speaker 1:

Once Anne was made aware of what was going on, she got up from hair and makeup and left, and so Okay, and, by the way, notice all these people that I'm presenting here in those little videos and talking about their clips. That was the young Turks. The young Turks, by the way, is a left-leaning let's just say that way news source. But all these people that are on that and I'm not even supporting them in that sense, because I have a very different internal dialogue when it comes to my politics Way different biases but look, you see a show like that and they are giving good information, doing their best. That lady there looks beautiful, very well-spoken. Not even defending them. All I'm saying is look at that. They do a great job at what they do and that also matters. But let's talk about Kandey Nass, which owns a lot of magazines, all right, and again they're having a walkout and honestly I feel very bad for these journalists and all this stuff. Here's a tip Could you figure out what might be wrong with what's going on there? All right, here's the thing you have to get a job right. What do you think it costs to live in New York and I'm not bashing New York, but we're talking in Manhattan, where you have your main offices, where you have to live there, where the cost of living is what do you think it costs to pay those people that work there? On the other hand and I'm just saying this and again I have the right to we here at George, we have a lot of great talent that works for us here and they are not beholden to moving to a specific location to have a job there. Think about that for a second. We can find the best people in all over different parts of the country and, quite frankly, some of them live in very, very affordable places. However, if George magazine was a back in the glory days of the magazine publishing in New York City with JJ running it, yes, in that case people would be going to New York City and there would be a different pay scale. But this is a whole different ballgame in today's economy and it just makes you wonder why are they in New York City, manhattan of all places, and what does it take for a person to work there and live there and have a job there? It makes it very difficult for people. All right, that's another one Great job with the video, young Turks, even though I don't agree with your policies and political ideology leanings, but I have to say you do a good job, so bravo to you All. Right now let's do another one. Greg roll it.

Speaker 9:

Vice media was once one of the hottest names in new media. They just filed for bankruptcy protection ahead of a proposed deal to sell off to a consortium of lenders. It's an extraordinary collapse. Just a few years ago they had a multi-billion dollar valuation as investors looked to this swashbuckling approach to news and the young audiences it was attracting. But of late these groups have found it hard going. Last month, buzzfeed cut its award-winning news operation and Vox is now laying off staff across its business. It's far what.

Speaker 1:

All right, let's talk about this. And because of Vice. I used to watch Vice all the time. If you remember, back in right, actually around 10 years ago, I used to subscribe to HBO and they were on HBO and they had some of the best programming that you ever could imagine. My story is the leader CEO I don't know what the exact title. I think his name is Shane. He was at one of the Trump events and Vice wanted to interview me. So I asked for permission to be interviewed by Vice and the Trump campaign said no, you can't do that. They didn't want me to talk to Vice. That's just neither here nor there. But my point is at one time Vice did very good in what they were doing. They were very successful as far as their programming. My point with Vice, which is really interesting as well during their heyday it was very known that the leadership there was spending a lot of money at parties and there was a lot of money flushed with that, and so I'm not saying that it was done through mismanagement at all, but maybe that was just the timeframe of that type of show and that now you have a lot more independent podcasters also doing great show. Vice is still struggling, I think, or still publishing. They changed owners since then, so we're gonna see and wait to see how they recover and what goes on with them. Nothing negative to say about Vice. I really love them all along and love their content, but it's just interesting someone that big can go bankrupt and fall apart. Okay, stick around. I got a little bit more in the last segment here about George Regina Ho coming back.

Speaker 7:

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Speaker 3:

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Speaker 7:

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Speaker 3:

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Speaker 6:

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Speaker 1:

All right, everyone welcome back to About George with Gene Ho. Next week we have a lot of good programming and then after next week we will be at georgemagazinecom exclusively, starting at nine o'clock every night all Monday through Friday. All right, this one you gotta stick around for, because I'm gonna give you the secret to all of this and I got about two minutes to let you know and I mean this with all my heart here, because mainstream media has battled me all along, put some really nasty articles about me, some which was basically grossly unfair. They also wrote about my wife for no reason she's a private citizen or whatever, but I'll give you the topic, excuse me, the tip on why we're successful at George magazine. We are the only international magazine that I know of that is secular, that dares to put the name of Jesus Christ on the cover. We did it more than once. We are not afraid, but put the name Jesus Christ on the cover of our magazine. So think about that for a second. Is that a bad thing? You could decide for yourself. I don't think so, but when we do stuff like that, we have, I would imagine, someone very powerful fighting for us for the sake of getting out the message of the gospel. Now, we at George are not a gospel magazine, we are solely a secular magazine. However, we are not shying away from talking about our Lord and Savior on our magazine and also talking about and putting the name Jesus Christ on the cover. We have a wonderful writer here. His name is Pastor Bob Joyce, and his sermons that we publish on them are very uplifting. They are not dogmatic, meaning they're not saying, oh, unless you believe this way, this way, this way, you're gonna go to hell. No, it's very welcoming to people, and so when you put all that together, it makes you wonder why a lot of these media companies are going out and yet we are still here standing strong with that, just something to think about and also understand that the people behind this, the people, are working very hard on this. There are people that is in George, trying to do their best in what we have in a messed up world today. All right, that being said, thank you for joining me once again. Again, the reminder, please, because I would love for you to keep watching this. Please continue to watch us on georgemagazinecom. And again, they've been very nice to me with this. Please stick with Patriot TV as well. That all being said, I appreciate your time and about George with Gene Ho, and we will see you next week. John M 자기 Om has just announced it's already finished. Well, who knows, this might take him for to homeboying and see somebody else doing something in the middle of life. Do you think that it will work? Yeah, it always will, but for health first. See if you hear a lot underneath lactobacillus' age you.

(Cont.) Mainstream Media Collapse? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 335