Trump's Court Case Wins... | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 333

February 07, 2024 Episode 333
Trump's Court Case Wins... | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 333
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TRUMP Court Case WINS! Gene Ho breaks it down for you…

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Speaker 1:

Come on, big wins for Donald Trump in court cases. Come on, why isn't the mainstream media talking about all this stuff? We're going to break it down for you. And it doesn't look as dire for Donald Trump, even though they're attacking him. Stick around. About George with Gene Ho coming up MUSIC and welcome everyone to. About George with Gene Ho. And happy Wednesday to you. This show goodnight. I've been promoting this show for the longest time. All right, maybe not the longest time for two days For promoting this show. I think it's going to be a good one because we're going to talk a little bit about Donald Trump in the court cases and I know, if you've been listening, you know how many they are right now On the criminal side. Ah, perfect, we'll do another show on the civil side of things. It's going to be very interesting, but today we're going to talk about the criminal side of it. But before I do, a couple of announcements for you here. I've been talking about it the whole time. Don't forget President's Day, february 19th it's a Monday. This show will exclusively go to georgmagazinecom. You can go see it there. All the shows are there already. Once we finish this show, we put it up on there. But starting that day we are taking over the show exclusively has nothing to do. We love Patreon TV, support them. These are things people do, and we will probably even support Patreon TV, maybe by being a sponsor. But until then, we're going to move the show over to georgmagazinecom. So look for that. February 19th, that's President's Day. All right, you're going to get second time to me talking about it, but I got to do it for you. Oh, here's the other bonus about that with that, when you comment on anything on that show on our platform, I read everything. I don't always comment, because it's very difficult to go in there and not to say it. I don't comment, I'm busy I'm not to say that I'm too busy, but I read every single one of them and I know that because I get the notices whenever you make a comment. So I have to read it. And there's also we have to moderate it, so we read everything. So we want to thank you on behalf of the whole George team for all your wonderful comments on georgmagazinecom. All right, let's get right into it. All right, when it comes to Donald Trump, there's been a lot going on and it's interesting because we're headed into this election. What are we at now? I don't even know. 10 months, nine months, like having a baby, so there's only limited time, but there is many court cases Now. There are court cases divided up into civil cases, as you're seeing, the Eugene Carroll case, with all this stuff. There's other ones, there's financial ones, as you've seen in New York. There's a lot of them, but we'll break that down for you in another time. However, we're talking about the criminal cases today and right now and I asked if you've been watching this show, how many court criminal cases? Come on? You know it's four right now. Anyway, let's talk a little bit about it and we'll start with this video here. Greg roll it.

Speaker 2:

While Donald Trump holds a decisive lead in the 2024 Republican presidential primary, his 2024 calendar will be full of legal challenges and court appearances and four major criminal cases. The former president faces 91 felony counts and two key civil cases could cost him millions of dollars in damages.

Speaker 1:

OK, so that's what Donald Trump faces right now, and I did another show on this but don't you think it's a little suspicious, just a little bit, that all this is going on? What is the timing of this, that all this happens right in an election year and, by the way, donald Trump said it was election interference. We'll see how that plays out, but it's very interesting that it's all coming down right now. So, of the four cases, let's talk about them so you understand them even better than you did before. And if you're hanging out with friends, maybe you're watching the Super Bowl I don't know, maybe you don't watch the Super Bowl. Anyway, when you're hanging out with friends, you could talk about all these things because you watch my show and you can understand how all this stuff goes. So let's do it this way when we have all the stuff going on with these criminal trials, let's start from the weakest case to the most serious case and break it all down for you. So we'll start with the weakest case of the four criminal ones. Greg, roll it.

Speaker 3:

Mr Trump has denied the affair or any other wrongdoing On social media Thursday night, blasting the investigation as a quote political persecution and election interference at the highest level in history and labeling DA Bragg a disgrace. The former president, adding he quote, cannot get a fair trial in New York.

Speaker 1:

Okay, this is the weakest one, because it is very interesting. Number one is going on in New York, but what it boils down to is so-called somehow like a falsification of records. This is the money supposed money that went to Stormy Daniels. Now, as a reminder, companies do hush money all the time. When you say something like that, what is like this? To explain it to you, a person walks into a business. That person slips and falls, and as he slips and falls, he says, oh, I'm going to sue you, I'm going to sue you. And what they do is they say, oh, my goodness, it's going to cost us X amount of dollars to take this to court. Waste all the dollars to do that. And so sometimes what they do is they just say listen, how about this? Let's agree to settle, but in return for that, you can no longer speak about this topic for anybody. This is par for the case. I've had businesses that I was very upset at. I wanted money back. I didn't say I was going to sue them, but in the process of it they say okay, we're settling this now, but you can't talk about this ever before, ever again, in the public. So that's what happens with businesses almost all the time. You could call it hush money, but it makes it sound like all scary and everything. But rich men, quite frankly, get this a lot. Rich men get hit up all the time by women that say, hey, I'm going to do this, I'm going to say you did this or whatever. And when that happens they say let's settle it, here's the money. Now the case with this is in New York. It's almost like they're trying to tie this in with falsification of it because they're saying it involves the election, except for the election was not state run. We're talking about the president of the United States. That's why I was mentioned. That's federal. If there's a case with that, it should be in the federal, not the state. However, this probably, like most of it, is a sense of embarrassment, or trying to embarrass Donald Trump with something like this. Now, with all this stuff again, as businesses, people know it all the time hey, we'll settle for this amount of sign that you won't talk about this anymore because they don't want the bad press. Whatever happened with this, donald Trump denied any of it, but they are trying to tie in something state into something that belongs in the federal realm of it. Now, what's going to happen. Who knows? I don't know where the next court case is on that, but this seems like it's more than anything, something just to almost harass Donald Trump. As Donald Trump said. He said this is election interference, but there you have it. That's the first one that we're talking about and of all of them, that's probably the weakest case, because I don't even think it's in their jurisdiction to do that. Remember, a business can choose to do whatever it wants when it comes to that, because they do it all the time. Businesses do that where they just settle things and they just say listen, you just can't talk about it, can't badmouth it and all that stuff. All right, that's the first one. Three more to go. Let's check this one out. Greg, roll it.

Speaker 4:

The FBI posted. 45 minutes before the FBI showed up, the local FBI field office in Miami gave the secret service team in Mar-a-Lago a heads up. The sources say the secret service agents did not notify anybody on the Mar-a-Lago staff until just as the FBI agents were arriving. When they did arrive, the FBI agents were escorted into the property by the secret service. Sources close to Trump say the club's general manager then placed a call to Eric Trump, who alerted his father. Neither Trump nor any members of his family were there at the time. In his written statement, Trump said the agents quote even broke into my safe.

Speaker 1:

All right. So this one a lot of us remember very well this is the Mar-a-Lago case, where it was said that there are certain documents that Donald Trump withheld. Now, this one is serious because it has a special prosecutor in charge of this. That is always much more difficult and a much more difficult case when it comes to that. So the bottom line is this Is there a problem with it? Yes, of course. I mean, you have a special prosecutor doing this and they just raided his home with it. But what I believe is going to end up happening with this case is the fact that, as president of the United States, he is allowed to have certain documents after the case so that he could give it to National Archives. In order to give it to them, he has to take a pen and, almost like he has homework to do, to kind of mark through some of these things. And as he marks through them, he could say, hey, these are still classified. You cannot get it out because, if you know, in the National Archives, you could pull up a lot of these things and read it for yourself. But that's why some of these documents are extout or sharpied out or whatever. Now, when it comes to this. The president of the United States had a certain amount of time, and that's the best way to describe this, and I subscribed this before. It's kind of like this when you take a book out of the library, you say, hey, I could take this book. I don't own the book, but it's in my possession and the library owns it. And when you take it out by the way, I don't even know if people, even I guess people still use libraries. It's crazy, because we have one here, but it's all digital. It's good to read books. But if you go to the library and you take it, the library still owns the book, but you agree for a certain time period that you will have it until you return that book back to the library. Now picture this scenario you take the book out, you go on vacation with that book and suddenly the library says, listen, you better give back that book right now, otherwise we're going to say you have stolen property and you're like wait a minute, I'm on vacation. I thought I had another three weeks for this book, but now you want it back. Well, I'm not in a position to give it back to you right now. I'm not finished with it and also I'm on vacation. That is a scenario, really, in a nutshell, where the National Archives rightfully, so whatever? Said okay, we want it back now. And Donald Trump's like wait, I have some time with it and I can't get it back to you. I'm not even in Mar-a-Lago and he was negotiating and suddenly they raided his place. All right, that's the flat out layman's version of all that, and we have two more to go, so stick around about George, with Gene Ho coming back.

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Speaker 2:

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Speaker 1:

Welcome back everyone to About George with Gene Ho, and I wanted to thank you once again for watching this show and also let you know that there's only like maybe a week and a half before this show officially moves to GeorgeMagazinecom. By the way, everything's good. We're in a great relationship with Patreon TV, so continue to support them and we might even be a sponsor of them later on. But the thing is with this is the show is actually moving to our platform. If you haven't already gone there, please go to GeorgeMagazinecom, because these shows are posted daily as we get them up. As you know, it's Monday through Friday that I do this show. Okay, and I also want to thank you, by the way. Thank you for your support with me over all this time and this year. By the way, there is and I mentioned this the other day there is a very interesting TikTok because of that post that Donald Trump made with Elvis. He took a picture of Elvis and a picture of himself. Well, anyway, I did an interesting TikTok with it, and if you don't have TikTok and, by the way, a lot of imposters of me on TikTok, all right, so be careful with that, but you can always go to GeorgeMagazinecom. I post my TikToks there. You can just click on it even if you don't have TikTok, but go there, georgemagazinecom and look for the one with Trump and Elvis. It's very interesting with that, and it's very interesting because it does tie in with, quite frankly, what's going on in America today. All right, all that being said, we covered two of the criminal cases. The last two are probably the most serious of all four of them. However, there have been great victories with Donald Trump going along with this, especially with this one, greg roll it.

Speaker 7:

Coming up 18 minutes past the hour now. House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan apparently subpoenaed Fulton County DA Fawney Willis for documents after three attempts that he had made to get her to respond to request voluntarily, to no avail. The subpoena is now for documents, not an appearance now related to the Fulton County DA's use and misuse allegedly of federal funds. Willis is under the microscope for this alleged improper romantic relationship with a special prosecutor that she hired for the Georgia election interference case. It's the big RICO case now stacked up against former President Donald Trump.

Speaker 1:

Okay. So this is a one in Georgia and it boils down to what's called a RICO case, saying that it was like a criminal enterprise that went in to try to get this overturned. Now, the first thing to note of this is that it is serious because it is a state case. When Donald Trump becomes president, he has the right to basically forgive people for their crimes on a federal level. But on the state level, the president of the United States, when and if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, has no authority when it comes to this state. The one with that is the governor of that state. This is where it gets interesting, because when it comes to a lot of this stuff on the federal level, people that is, witnesses in cooperation with the defense can feel stronger in the federal level because they can say listen, I'm not going to bend down and say anything as far as what might be lies, but I will say that and I'll stay loyal to Donald Trump. But, as I say, loyal to Donald Trump, even if I do get into trouble. Donald Trump, when he becomes president, if he does, can pardon me for that. Now, on the state level, donald Trump, as president of the United States won't have that ability. So when you have people in Georgia that they brought into this case and they are threatening them with a lot of jail time, a lot of prison time for this, there's no one coming in to rescue them if the governor doesn't want to in that state. And right now, governor Kemp and governor excuse me, governor Kemp and Donald Trump are not really close allies, as you know, so it's not a friendly situation. So with this, you had some people on Donald Trump side that actually I won't hate to use a word fold it hate to use a word but they are cooperating with the prosecution, with us. So it makes it a little bit more difficult because what you have here is the state in control of this, not the federal. That makes it a little bit different. And the threats if you could call it a threat or the description of it is listen, you can cooperate with us because you know that you can't get pardoned by Donald Trump if he comes back in office, because this is with the state. So with all this, if you remember, it was, in a nutshell, the state that is Georgia, with funny Willis saying that, hey, donald Trump tried to convince I believe it was a secretary state to look for some votes. If you remember this, donald Trump said, hey, it was a perfect phone call, the perfect phone call. He didn't say, hey, steal some votes. He says basically in a nutshell look, look carefully, see if there's votes here, see if there's any kind of do your due diligence. That's, in a nutshell, what he said. But the changing that into that it was some kind of big case in a big conspiracy to overturn that election for that. So the big news with this right now is evidently the prosecutor there had a sexual or some kind of relationship with one of the special prosecutors there, taking money from that to give it to how can I say this? Her I don't know what do you call that her romantic partner, whatever it is. She channeled that. So it's all in flux right now because of this so-called improper relationship or you could say it like that. But it's a conflict of interest of sorts. Now there's stuff on both sides saying hey, but it's not a conflict of interest. If she's not getting this is funny, will it's getting money from this? She just gave it to a boyfriend or whatever. But it all puts this in flux and it puts it in a freezing mode until something happens with this. And now you see that Congress is getting involved with Jim Jordan. So this one is interesting, but Trump is doing better with it right now, and Trump's doing better with it because that main prosecutor is being subpoenaed by Congress, so that one is serious, but at the same time, trump won the last victory with that. Okay, there's one more, and how could we ever forget this one? But let's talk about it.

Speaker 8:

Greg, I roll it also have some breaking news tonight. The many legal cases facing Donald Trump, judge Tanya Chutkin just formally canceled Trump's election interference trial that had been scheduled for March 4th. Writing the quote the court will set a new schedule if and when the mandate is returned. The mandate, of course, is the long-awaited decision by the appellate court on the ex-presidents claim of absolute immunity from prosecution. Until that ruling, which we're still waiting for, we won't know when or if the DC trial arguably the most important trial in recent American history, and certainly the four criminal cases against Trump, won't happen.

Speaker 1:

Okay, so here you have that, and I'll lay the land for you. When it comes to this. Donald Trump has been saying all along that he can't be prosecuted for this because while this was going on, he was still president. If you remember, he was still president at the time. So it makes the case. Well, how in the world could you prosecute him for anything that they're saying that he did when he was still president and immune from that? So it goes to one court and then, possibly after that, it will go and they'll make a decision for a court date. How can I say this? The coincidence of this is that that original court date that was for this was right before Super Tuesday. So could you imagine a scenario where Donald Trump, right before the biggest election for the primary season this is Super Tuesday when he has to be crisscrossing all over different parks of the country to get votes for Super Tuesday, that the day before that he has to be locked in in the court case? Quite frankly, just to say it, it just doesn't seem fair. It seems almost like some sort of election interference with that, because why put it right there before Super Tuesday, but a judge just said no, we're not going to have this until we can even find out if he could be prosecuted in the first place. Now, no matter what the appellate court says, obviously it's going to be appealed. If it's for Donald Trump or against Donald Trump, it's going to go to the United States Supreme Court eventually, but I would imagine that is. But regardless of this, this case right now is kind of frozen in time and basically what it says is hey, donald Trump was guilty of some sort of insurrection by telling his people, his followers, to go down there. Remember, he said before that it's going to be wild. Now, what do you mean by that? People say that all the time. But people say it's going to be wild. It doesn't mean people, it's going to be wild and we're going to take our arms and do this. No, he just said it's going to be wild. I mean the Super Bowl. It's going to be wild. It doesn't mean there's going to be violence there. Anyway, the point about this is it's very hard to imagine a scenario where Donald Trump, because he's president of the United States, can be immune while in office to do these things. How in the world do you prosecute someone when he was still the president of the United States at the time and that law is, in a nutshell, in place because it prevents people from slowing up the president of the United States when he's can be constantly barraged with different types of lawsuits like this. So bottom line is this that one was a pretty serious one, a very serious one, but it seems that that case now is going nowhere. So are the four criminal cases. If we can review it, you know what? I'll review it really quickly when I get back. I got to have you guys stick around for the last segment, so I got to tease it that way. Stick around about George with Gene Ho coming back.

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Speaker 1:

Welcome back everyone to About George with Gene Ho. And just a reminder don't forget February 19th. I almost forgot it. February 19th is when this show moves officially to georgemagazinecom, exclusively. Go there already. You can see all the episodes and if you comment, I will read them. I know that because I get all the notifications, so I do read them. I don't always get a chance to respond, but I will start doing that so I could communicate with you guys. So we'll have a lot of fun doing that. All right, now let's just tie up the all four of them. And just a reminder here these are criminal cases and anytime there is a criminal case, it is very serious. So these are very serious things. It's not a laughing matter. However, I see Donald Trump making his way through all of these very nicely. Just as a review, the first one was the one with Stormy Daniels, the so-called hush money. And remember, when it comes to the hush money, businesses are allowed to do whatever they want with their money and it comes to this because they count it as not hush money, which just really sounds really bad and nefarious. But sometimes, rather than to deal with things, companies just give out money because they know that it's more of a headache to go to court and all this stuff. Sorry, it happens, it's what it is in America with that, but when it comes to that, I really don't see the tie in with that, because it's the state of New York that are bringing the charges to him, when, really, if it was a crime, if then it should be in the federal courts, with election interference or whatever election in prior to the priorities. Oh, my goodness, got to get my pronunciation right, but anyway, you get my point with that. With something like this, it's going to be interesting where it's where it goes. Now. As far as the Mar-a-Lago thing, that is serious too, because it has a special prosecutor in charge of that. That one is going to be interesting. I don't know when the court cases is all, probably sometime in March when it starts to come about. But the position of it is listen, he had the right to it, that's what they do. And the other thing about it if you're going to go after Donald Trump, what about, quite frankly, the other presidents that have had that in their possession? I think Biden also had it in his garage. So is this interesting with that? All right, that all being said, there's just two more and I tell you this whole thing is going to be in flux for a while with the one in Atlanta because there's a lot of stuff that needs to be taken care of. This affair, or whatever the relationship that was discovered, seems very interesting with that and it's going to be interesting to see that play out. And for the final one, quite frankly, one of the more serious ones, that is going to go nowhere because it's frozen in time right now until it all settles down, all right. That all being said, thank you very much about George with Gene Ho, and we'll see you tomorrow.

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