RNC Money Problems and the TRUMP Factor. | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 331

February 05, 2024 Episode 331
RNC Money Problems and the TRUMP Factor. | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 331
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Unraveling the RNC's financial maze and diving deep into the TRUMP factor on tonight's gripping episode of About George! Don't miss the inside scoop on the money troubles and political dynamics shaking up the scene. 

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Speaker 1:

All right, we're gonna talk money again, rnc money. Quite frankly, they don't really have any more Getting dire. Did Trump have something to do with it? We're gonna talk all about it, about George, with Gene Ho coming up and welcome everyone and happy Monday to you. Come on. Who says happy Monday? I do, come on. This is positivity at work. This is gonna be a good week, despite all the last week getting everything together and all the news. Oh, my goodness, there's even wars and stuff like that. We're gonna talk about that tomorrow and don't forget I'm gonna remind you, because on Wednesday I'm gonna have a special show and this is gonna be talking about all of Trump's criminal cases, where it's going, what the mainstream media is not telling you about it. By the way, pop quiz for you. See, right off the bat. Pop quiz for you. How many criminal cases does Donald Trump have pending right now? Come on, pick a number, pick a number, any number. There's actually four. Of course, to some civil cases Looks like they're going after the man, but I'm gonna break it all down for you and that's gonna be on Wednesday. It's gonna be a new show and wanted to remind you once again that on President's Day, how many of you even know what President's Day is, what day of the month and all that stuff. It's gonna be this year February 19th. It's a Monday. That's President's Day and that is the day that this show moves on officially to the George Magazinecom platform. It's already there. It's helped with Patreon TV and continue to support Patreon TV. But wherever you see this, if it's on Rumble anywhere, please go to georgemagazinecom and find the show, this show, right there. We post pretty regularly now when it goes up, but starting on February 19th this show is exclusively on there. Did I say the word exclusively? Like that's a difficult word for me to say Exclusive-ly, like that. All right, today's gonna be a good show because we are talking about money and there's an interesting thing going on in the Republican circles. This is really strange because usually to go into an election year, the party has a lot, a lot of money, because they need money to get people elected. But for some reason and I'm gonna tell you why and break it down for you the Republican Party right now is anemic anemic financially. Right now. Rnc this is the national one, the Republican Party last figures and, by the way, it fluctuates. And it fluctuates because all these political organizations have to make reports, usually quarterly. They have to make the reports. So by the time the reports come out it could change a little bit. But from the last report, almost $8 million or about $8 million on hand for the Republican Party, that's like anemic man. That's like scary anemic, but we're gonna find out how this all works and how Trump ties into all this and it's big news. Even from six months ago, with some of this reporting, it was already big news. Funny, no one's talking about it on our side, but we will Anyway check out this video. Greg roll it.

Speaker 3:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is $52.49. If you are willing and able to shell out that kind of money roughly for an Xbox game, let me tell you National Review is right. You are right in the ballpark for what it would take to buy out all the cash assets of the Republican Party of the great state of Minnesota. The state Republican Party in Minnesota recently reported that its bank accounts are currently flush with a grand total of $53.81.

Speaker 1:

Okay, that was from six months ago, the latest figures. I don't think it's doing too too much better, and I heard they have a lot of debt. So let's talk about that and understand the dynamics of all this stuff. All right, a lot of my friends on Maganation don't really understand, including myself, how all this works with the money and the parties, et cetera, because many of us in Maganation were never part of the Republican Party. Quite frankly, a lot of us was liberals who really didn't care as long as we got our weekly paycheck. Who cares about what's going on in America? But a lot of us suddenly learned to care, and we learned to care through Donald Trump. So a lot of us here don't really understand the inner workings of the Republican Party. Well, how it works is similar to this and I have to say it's going in different levels. So in any old town you live in, any old area, any old county, there is probably a group of official Republican Party platforms or, if I could say, clubs or whatever you want, but there are official branches that's a better word there. That's at the local level. So if you don't know where yours is, you can go and look it up, google it, but there's an official one for the Republican Party. Now, by the way, when it comes to the Democrat Party, it's almost the same thing. They have it the same way. So I'm going to go over the structure first so you can understand how all this works and you can also understand why the two parties are so prominent in politics, whereas someone like the Libertarian Party or Independent, as RFK Jr is doing, and some of the other ones, they don't have the infrastructure like this. So if you could imagine that in each county area I think it's usually a county, but they have a branch of the Republican Party and that party is in charge of their own fundraising for that. They could use that money to promote their candidates, to have events, to go do voter outreach, whatever it is that they do, and from there you also have the state level. So each state has a Republican Party for the state and they do the same thing. What they do is they get money and they bring money in and as they get the money, what they do is try to get Republicans elected. All right. Now there's the third portion of it, which is a national part, and the national part takes care of the whole country as a whole and also supports the president or whoever they're running for as the president, giving support, fundraising, giving money to different parts of the campaign and all this stuff. Right now, the Republican Party is in serious, serious trouble because what you have is you have from the very top, the Republican Party. Last check has about $8 million. Thanks. There's some scary biz, very scary biz. Going into an election year, you should have a lot more than that Now. Granted, there's also two factions of it. There is in the excuse me, in the house, us House and US Senate. They also have a fundraising apparatus there as well, but for the most part, is like three major ones the local level, state level and you have the national level with the RNC. All right, that last video that you just saw that was talking about Minnesota and they are really struggling, for whatever reason, to get money there, but that's not an isolated case at all. Greg roll it.

Speaker 3:

It also, it turns out, is not an isolated story. The same sort of thing, or at least a variation on this sort of thing, is happening in a whole bunch of key states for Republicans right now. In Colorado, for example, the Colorado Sun was first to report that that state's Republican party was so broke that it has stopped paying its employees and that it is unable to pay rent on its office space.

Speaker 1:

Okay, and that's another state and, by the way, I didn't plan it like that. But what are we? What am I channeling now Rachel Maddow? She's channeling me. What's going on here? She's wearing black too. I don't like this. It's getting strange. Nah, just kidding, All right, so what you have here is other states, and I'm telling you there's a lot of them, a lot of states like that, a lot of other Republican states that are, quite frankly, bleeding out cash and they're not in a good financial position. That's interesting as well when you come to that, because what is going on? And you have other ones and it's very difficult because it's many counties with the smaller ones, but usually it's the smaller ones that are having problems. Now, how do these organizations fundraise? Well, one of the things that they do is they have annual events. They are called Lincoln Reagan dinners and with that, that's how they fundraise. So what they do and I've been a part of it, because they'll ask me a special speaker oh, my goodness, we're going to hear Gene Ho speak. We've got to give them a lot of money. So what they do is they hold events and they have different speakers there, and it's just like anything else. They sell tickets to the event and that's how they fundraise for that. Now, it's very interesting because in the past few years and I don't think it has anything to do with me in particular, but I used to do Lincoln Reagan fundraiser almost all the time. I used to get invitations almost all the time. I'll be honest, recently I haven't had much invitations for that and I really haven't had much talk about that. Why is that the case? Who knows? Who knows, could it be Possibly Just wondering that some of the Republicans for a while were shunning away from some of the speakers that were the most popular, but because maybe they were too tied in with some conspiracy theories or whatever? That's an interesting thing to think about, because when you have big events such as the reawakening tour, which I am a part of, those places bring in a lot of people, a lot of tickets being sold. I'm a part of that. You've seen some of the oh my goodness. You've seen some of the videos of the crowds. When I'm there and other people are there, that's where all the money is, truthfully. But before that, before Trump, and you had that time period where the RNC might have been saying to people hey, I'm going to move away from this Trump thing. So all of the most popular speakers. I'm telling you, man, I used to do Lincoln Reagan dinners all the time. I think one year which is a lot, by the way One year before this, when Trump was in office, I used to do Lincoln Reagan dinners, maybe three or four a year maybe, and that's pretty good. That's including the other things, but these things are big affairs. Last one, I did, I think the last Lincoln Reagan dinner I did. I believe it was in Montana. And this one, I'm telling you, maybe a thousand people all paying good money to go hear different speakers, including me who is there to speak. But could it be that some of the other Republicans are taking their most powerful speakers and shunning them? That's just something to think about, not sure. Anyway, stick around. I'm going to get more into this in just a little bit, about George R Gene Ho coming back.

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Speaker 1:

And welcome back to About George with Gene Ho and wanted to let you know I don't know if you've seen any of my TikToks. Come on, who knew I walk into the track to supply and I'm a TikTok celebrity? I'm telling you I'm all over the place on TikTok. Come on, you got to love the TikTok. But if you ever want to see me and you don't have TikTok, you can go to georgemagazinecom and we have a link there. So even if you are not on TikTok, you can see my TikToks, which is interesting because I just did one which is going viral. This is the one where I did it on Trump and Elvis, because Donald Trump just recently posted a picture of him and Elvis. It's very interesting. People think it's just about the looks, but there's another reason. And how about that? For a teaser Now you have to go to georgemagazinecom, check out that TikTok drop and click on it. Look at the one especially with Trump and Elvis. It's very, very interesting there. And also just a reminder please pick up a copy of George Magazine and it's interesting. Trump did the split face thing with Elvis Presley on the cover of George. You got to go check it out. It's going to be very interesting because in that cover we did a split view of Trump and also a lion. Thank you, jessica Wright. Go to Fine Art by Jessica, there is she is the one who did the cover art for that and it is next level amazing there. All right, lots to talk about. And a reminder on Wednesday, again, I am going to be speaking about here on the show, the four. See now, you know a factoid, you go and talk about it. Incorrect people. Oh, donald Trump has so many of these criminal thing you can say, no, it's four of them. Anyway, I'm gonna talk about all four, what the status of each one is, what's going on and, quite frankly, how Donald Trump is actually tiptoeing pretty nicely through all of them. The media really doesn't say too much about that. All right, let's go back into our discussion here, because we're talking about money and I do believe that I have an understanding of it, because I am telling you way back when, when Trump was becoming president for the first time, or when he was becoming president as president, I used to get invites to Lincoln Reagan dinners all the time. Now, for a speaker, a Lincoln Reagan dinner is very how can I say this? For us it's very lucrative because it's different from doing an event such as reawaken or whatever, because when someone's booking you for a Lincoln Reagan, they are spending Boku money to raise these table seats are very expensive. Sometimes they get a table of 10 and they sell the table all at once to a big company or whatever, and that's how the state raises their monies for that. There's other in the local level too. They would have special events that I would do as well. They will all be for fundraisers for the RNC. So what I figured out that happened is while Donald Trump has been president, it was very hip and cool to have someone associated with the president to work a Lincoln Reagan dinner. That's why before there really really wasn't too many problems with that, because a lot of the speakers that are very popular were all tied in with Donald Trump and, quite frankly, I liked it. I loved doing the Lincoln Reagan dinners. It's very lucrative because they're paying you X amount of money you got to negotiate it but it's, generally speaking, more money than usually you get at some of these other speaking events. It's kind of like bands with a wedding. When you have a wedding, bands get paid a lot of money because they got a guarantee that that person is going to be there. So they shell out good money and then the person knows that they're going there. And that's how it is with the Lincoln Reagan dinners. You go there, you do a speech, you talk to people, take some pictures and they give you a little bit money, but basically the state, or whatever they get the bulk of it. Now here's the thing why is it so important? This is like a question that seems easy to answer, but why is it so important that you need to have a strong national RNC going into an election year? Because obviously in this case, they need a lot of that money to promote the president or the candidate, which seems, in this case, is going to be Donald Trump. But it goes for both sides of it, and right now the Democrat side is far more how can I say this? Has far more money than the Republican party. Now, there's a nuance in there. We're going to talk about it in a little bit, but in election year, both parties have to do this. Greg, roll it.

Speaker 2:

Hosting a convention for a city is kind of like what a funeral or a wedding is for a family. Basically, any dynamic that is out there is going to get multiple laps around the track. So if there's tensions with unions or police or labor or anything like that, that's going to be brought to a boil. When there's infrastructure costs that a lot of people don't really think through. When we hosted it in Boston in 2004, one of the first things we had to do to the arena was install, I think, 21 tons of steel just to support the lighting trusses.

Speaker 1:

Okay, so that's talking about both conventions and, if you know and know about it, this year there will be nominated conventions. Of course, you have the one with Biden on that side and it's a big brouhaha and it gets a lot of views and so forth, and the Republicans are going to do one for Donald Trump as well. Let's face it, he is a far runaway winner of this primary. So they're going to have these events Now. If you remember, back in 2020, what happened then? It was the time of COVID, and many of these big conventions were canceled and they had I think they had like a TV version of this or something. But my point is they cost a lot of money and going into this year, if they really do have only $8 million that's a Republican party, I'll be honest Just to put up that event is probably going to cost similar to that. You have all the rentals of it. You have to pay for police protection. This is not free. You have to pay for extra protection for the people, security. You have the lights. All this stuff is not an easy production. I don't know what it costs, but it's probably not free and if I had to guess, it costs a million at least I would imagine, to put something like that up Now. Going with that, how do they do this today? And is there another Trump factor involved with the great decline of the money for the RNC? Well, it might have had happened with something like this from two years ago. Correct roll it.

Speaker 6:

Meanwhile, the US Republican party is having a bit of a clash within itself over fundraisers and also the name of Donald Trump. The Republican National Committee wants to use for a president's name in their fundraising appeals, but Donald Trump is upset. The Trump's attorney has sent a cease and desist notice to the Republican National Committee demanding that the grand old party should stop using his name.

Speaker 1:

Okay. So we're talking about fundraisers and we're talking about the national party here, the RNC. So let me go back to two years ago with what was going on. So Trump is very popular, so what the RNC was doing was sending letters and stuff to members and other people saying, listen, donald Trump needs your support, donald Trump needs your support, give this money. But the thing is, once it goes to that party, donald Trump doesn't have any control of where that money goes. So if they have all this money and this was back in 2020, and we're heading into the midterms with all this stuff Donald Trump had a problem with several members of the Congress because they voted to impeach Donald Trump. So you had these people that Donald Trump didn't want to be a part of Congress anymore, so he didn't want that money to go to them, and so he says I'm not gonna fundraise on their behalf, I'm not gonna lend my name to that, and they did a cease and desist letter to them. The point about that is is Donald Trump is excellent at fundraising. Now you also have to understand this. Just because the RNC is broke or close to being broke or needs money desperately 8 million for the national, and then you have all these other parties. That's anemic really. But the way fundraising works on that is, donald Trump would also do events in behalf of the RNC, and when they do this they raise a lot of money. And I've been there too when I was Donald Trump's campaign photographer, because at times there were events that Donald Trump was at that people pay money to go sit there in the dinner. He gives a special speech, but all that money goes directly to the RNC and they raise a lot of money doing it that way. So what's going on now is, once Donald Trump is officially their nominee, I am sure that the fundraising will not be a problem going into that, because the RNC will go in there and Donald Trump will do fundraisers for the RNC. But the important thing to remember right now with Donald Trump is that he, financially in this campaign, is doing pretty good. Can't even give you the exact number, but I think the last look was that Donald Trump had about $45 million in his campaign funds. So Donald Trump, if you could imagine and these are round, hard numbers had 45 million, while the RNC has 8 million, and that's because Donald Trump can raise money. All right, when we get back I'm gonna talk a little bit more about this. You gotta stick around because I'm gonna talk about the purpose of the Super PACs and I'll just do it really quickly. But it sounds a dire with all this stuff with the RNC, but once Donald Trump gets back into the picture you're gonna see it take off with the money there. Anyway, stick around about George or Gene Ho coming back.

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Speaker 1:

Welcome back everyone to About George with Gene Ho and two quick reminders. Once again, on Wednesday it's going to be really interesting because I will be talking about the four criminal cases and where it stands and, quite frankly, how actually Donald Trump is in a pretty good position right now with them, and I'll break it down for you. And also just a reminder once again President's Day, january 19th, is when this show goes exclusively at georgemagazinecom. So check us out over there at georgemagazinecom. You can see all the back episodes there already. So check them out there, watch it and get used to going there, because this show is going to get really fast moving, a lot of good guests and all this stuff. So check it out there. All right, let me just close out this thought when it comes to all this money stuff because Donald Trump is an expert at raising money, both financially with his businesses and also with this campaign what I suspect is going to happen is, as soon as it is clear that Donald Trump will be the nominee for the Republican Party, you're going to see and probably I'm just guessing why Ronan McDaniels is like hey man, let's just go ahead and make him the nominee right now, because Donald Trump can go in there and they can start fundraising for the RNC. Now Donald Trump has good money in his campaign. I think it was something like $45 million, don't quote me. And again, it's always changing because they get their quarterly reports, so between now and then you just don't know what it is. Now there's one more X factor in this and it is a super PAC money that neither the RNC nor the campaign can control. That is his own special unit. No coordination between all of this. But they do help in election because they help running ads, getting voter outreach and all that stuff. They're very valuable. But that money will also come in time because, as you see, the cheap seat donors that don't know where to go once they see it's almost imminent that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee and there's a very good chance that he's going to be president of the United States these hate to say this. I won't say this because it's cheap seats, because they're putting in a lot of money. But these people that donate this money, they will come in later on. As they see, the campaign gets stronger and stronger, but in the meantime isn't that interesting? All these state parties, even the national, and I'm telling you, I believe, that part of it was due to a separation between what I believe are the Super Maga and the Civil War, so to speak, between them and the establishment Republicans, but the start of C that really, when it comes to this, the RNC does need magnation to help support them. All right, that's all for today. Appreciate you joining me. This is going to be a great week, anyway, thank you, and about George, with Gene Ho, we will see you tomorrow.

(Cont.) RNC Money Problems and the TRUMP Factor. | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 331