Trump’s Big NH Win. What’s Next? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 324

January 24, 2024 Episode 324
Trump’s Big NH Win. What’s Next? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 324
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Trump's triumphant victory in NH! Curious about what's next? Join Gene Ho as he breaks it down for you on About George! Get ready for insights, analysis, and a closer look at the political horizon.

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Speaker 1:

All right, big win for Donald Trump last night in New Hampshire. Going to break it down for you. What does it all mean? What is Nikki Haley doing? Come on, stick around. About George with Gene Ho coming up. Welcome everyone to. About George with Gene Ho. And I have to say happy Wednesday for you. Come on, know a lot of happy Trump fans. Last night, big win for Donald Trump. I think it was almost more than 10 points, which is very big for someplace like New Hampshire. I'll tell you why. It break it all down for you in just a little bit. But before I even get going, little housekeeping stuff here, don't forget. You got to check out George magazinecom, check out the new issue. I don't know if Greg could pull it up, but oh, look at that. That is a beautiful, beautiful cover. And that's because of Jessica Wright. Visit Fine Art by Jessica. I'm telling you that's a beautiful cover, it's been doing well and you can get that and subscribe that as well. And I just want to make mention also kind of like sad but good news and whatever. But coming up in February I will be leaving Patriot TV Still watch it, great programming. But this show will be going on to George magazinecom exclusively. It might still be on some of the rumbles, but it'll be on the George Rumble, but that is President's Day, february 19th, please. Patriot TV has been very good to me and you got to make sure you watch all that programs and stick with them as well. Very kind, all right. That being said, let's just go ahead with the news. Big win for Donald Trump. We were very unsure. A lot of people didn't know. Quite frankly, there was even a chance that Nikki Haley could have actually won, and that's because this is an open primary where you have some independence and possibly some crossover Democrats that would change their affiliation right before that and change it back after. But this was one of those situations which made it very dangerous for Donald Trump, but the win was very significant. That being said, what did Donald Trump say about this? Greg, roll it.

Speaker 2:

USA, usa, usa, usa, USA, usa. Well, I want to thank everybody. This is a fantastic state. This is a great, great state. You know, we won New Hampshire three times now Three, three. We win it every time. We win the primary, we win the generals. We've won it and it's a very, very special place to me. It's very important. If you remember, in 2016, we came here and we needed that winner. We won by 21 points and it was great. And today I have to tell you it was very interesting because I said, wow, what a great victory. But then somebody ran up to the stage, all dressed up nicely, when it was at seven. But now I just walked up and it's at 14.

Speaker 1:

All right, let's talk about New Hampshire for a minute here, even more so in 2016,. This was critical in 2016 because I was there with the campaign that he needed to win. The problem back then was, if you remember, in 2016, donald Trump came in second in Iowa, by the way was in the room the next day. Donald Trump was not very I would say not very. He was very upset that he lost it and he made sure that everyone on the team was aboard for New Hampshire and then South Carolina. So it was important back in 2016 that Donald Trump won that primary, but this was also very important because now what he has is momentum. All right, here's the interesting thing about it. We're going to talk a little bit about it later. But the next step after this is not South Carolina, it's actually Nevada. And here's a strange thing Donald Trump actually technically already won all the delegates. This is weird. However, it happened, but in the state law in Nevada, they have to have primaries, so they do have a primary, but Nikki Haley is on the primary by herself and she's going to win that. Is this the weird? This is strange. She's going to win that, but it doesn't count. How's that for something? Because the Republican Party is the one that decides how it's done. And they're doing a primary. And who knew? The rules are that if you're on the primary ballot, you cannot be on the caucus. So Donald Trump is basically the only one in the caucus. I know it sounds strange, very strange, but he already won it. I know he's going to go there and officially do it or whatever, but he's the only one on the caucus ballot doing that. And, by the way, it is not totally strange because South Carolina, back in 2020, did something very similar, where the Republican Party says no, this is our candidate, we're not even going to have a primary, we're not entertaining other people other than Donald Trump to be on the ballot, and so Donald Trump automatically wins it. Quite frankly, that's how it works, because that is how the parties work. It's not a so-called public thing per se, it's a party thing. He's the Republican nominee. Anyway, for whatever reason, in Nevada, which is coming up like next week, trump's going to win that because he's the only one on the ballot. Nikki Haley's on the primary. It's very strange. I know it. I know when I explain that you're like what? How does that even make sense? But that's how states work, who knows? All right, that being said, what happens after this and what's the next battle? The next battle? It goes to South Carolina. Now I'm assuming, really, that if Nikki Haley is still on the ballot going into South Carolina on Friday that is like two days from now I'll do a show where we're going to talk about that thing, basically South Carolina and her chances. However, it's just strange because I mean, I don't even know how to say this. It's going so fast, like I mean, like she could drop out. She could drop out tomorrow. Now she says she's not going to drop out. So I guess we got to take her for a word. But anyway, I'm going to do the South Carolina recap for you. I'm going to do the South Carolina recap, but like preview on Friday right here. So you're going to see that. It's just interesting, is all All right. Now let's talk a little bit about some of the challenges that Nikki Haley is going to have and, quite frankly, the advantage that Donald Trump's going to have going into South Carolina. Correct, roll it In.

Speaker 3:

November of 2020, south Carolinians elected their first Republican woman to Congress ever. Her name is Nancy Mace. She's got a fascinating story. She dropped out of high school at age 17. She went on to earn her high school diploma. She then graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Citadel, the military college of South Carolina, a storied institution. She was the school's first female to graduate from its core of cadets, and Mace represents a purple district. It was represented by a Democrat before her, and so her first term has been a real roller coaster as she tries to navigate representing the party of Trump, for example, in the days after the January 6th insurrection. She's new to Congress. By the way. Mace voted against impeaching Trump, but was still openly critical of her party's leader.

Speaker 1:

Okay, let's talk about Nancy Mace for right now. By the way, that video was from I don't even know, maybe like a year ago or so, where she basically Okay, let me explain it this way. She, by the way, look at this Me all over the place here Trying to navigate this. Okay, that picture you saw with her and Donald Trump. By the way, I took that picture. All right, just saying it, little street creds here but that's Nancy Mace and Donald Trump. Nancy Mace used to work for the campaign. I used to work side by side with her, nancy Mace, I like her a lot. So what is up happening is Trump endorses her for United States Congress. For whatever reason, trump and Nancy Mace had a little bit of a falling out. I think it had to do with that January 6th thing or whatever. So Donald Trump gets someone else to run against Nancy Mace. I think it was Katie Arrington, I believe so. Okay, so Katie Arrington is running Trump's endorsing her, and at the time, nancy Mace goes all the way to Trump Tower, in front of Trump Tower, and says listen, I still support Donald Trump, I am fully supporting Donald Trump. Okay, this is where it just gets all jumbled up here, because when Nancy Mace was running. Nancy Mace runs District 1 in South Carolina and guess who lives there? Nikki Haley. So Nikki Haley lives in the district of Nancy Mace. So when Nancy Mace was running for reelection, whatever, guess who supported her and endorsed her and campaigned with her? It was Nikki Haley. So now flash forward to, like last week, what happened. Nancy Mace endorses Donald Trump, no-transcript Nikki Haley, even though Nikki Haley stood up and supported Nancy May. This is just no interesting. But this is politics, south Carolina politics, to be honest as well. So you have all this stuff going on, but it is very, very big that Nancy May has supported Donald Trump going into South Carolina and it's another diss we're going to talk about a little later because of what happened with Tim Scott. Here is the bottom line with all of this the next big contest, because we're not talking about Nevada, which Donald Trump basically by default wins for whatever reason, how I just explained that. But the next contest is going into South Carolina, I believe don't quote me, but it's coming up, I think, in the middle of February. So we got some little time here between then, but when it comes there it is going to be very interesting. I got to figure out the date, give you some better information. But when they do go into South Carolina, what's going to happen is a lot of the establishment is going to go with Donald Trump, and Donald Trump already has the grassroots in South Carolina. That, and we're going to cover this on Friday. That is a big deal because this is a situation where sometimes you have, quite frankly, like in Iowa, where some of the establishment with the governor of Iowa actually endorsing the Santas Now with South Carolina it's totally different because you have almost all I almost can't even name one but the two sitting United States senators, that's Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, the very powerful Lindsey Graham, because he sits on the judiciary in the Senate. Then you have the governor, which is very loyal to Donald Trump, extremely loyal, and then you have Lieutenant Governor go down the line, they're all supporting Donald Trump. So it's going to be very interesting going into that. But in a second we're going to talk a little bit about Nikki Haley and what her plans are at least what she tells us is going on there. All right, everyone stick around about George, with Gene Hough coming back.

Speaker 4:

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Speaker 2:

We are here to defend democracy for the people.

Speaker 1:

Hey, I'm welcome back to about George with Gene Hough. Good week going on already. Good to see Donald Trump win in New Hampshire and, by the way, that was a pretty decided message, by the way, because about 10 points is when it's like, okay, you won straight out, wasn't even close. Really, 10 points is a lot Granted. It's interesting because, as I mentioned before, that's an open primary which made it dangerous territory for Donald Trump, but he pulled it out. And more than pulled it out, it is funny, though you read some of the mainstream media articles are like oh, this is actually like they try to twist a big win into somehow that it's a loss, but he won it, and he won it decisively. It was a very good night for Donald Trump. Now we're talking about Nikki Haley. I'll be honest all right, I thought that once this happened that she would be dropping out, and then I said leave, and so she should drop out before South Carolina, the reason being it is very dangerous territory when she goes there. If she loses really, really, really bad in South Carolina, I don't know how to say it, other than that she's not going to win South Carolina. The people I used to live there, the people, are crazy about Donald Trump there, so much so. Even all the people that are elected office, they're all fully behind Donald Trump. Think about this Is all of United States Congress supporting Trump? No, no, you have some of the Republicans there that are actually you know what against Trump and they try to work with him. It's different in South Carolina. In South Carolina, the almost a whole establishment, the whole Republicans, almost all of them support Donald Trump. It's a very interesting place. Anyway, here's a thing that Nikki Haley said from last night Greg roll it.

Speaker 5:

They're falling all over themselves saying this race is over. Well, I have news for all of them. New Hampshire is first in the nation. It is not the last in the nation. This race is far from over. There are dozens of states left to go.

Speaker 1:

Okay, let's talk about this realistically. Of course, as I mentioned, she will not win Nevada because she's not even on the caucus ballot. Okay, so she automatically loses that, which, by the way, it's fine. Donald Trump gets all the delegates. She will not win South Carolina. Just going to say it and going to have more of that on Friday, just like two days from now. Again, with that, I predicted that she will fold her campaign before that, because if she ever wants to run for public office again, she has to launch it from South Carolina because that's where she lives. She lives there unless she wants to move. So no matter what she does unless, of course, she gets appointed to the Trump administration but regardless, if she ever wants to run for office again, it has to be based from South Carolina. So it behooves her to work with the establishment there. It isn't that funny, since when do we ever have someone that's established and having to work with the establishment? But the establishment in South Carolina is fully, fully behind Donald Trump. We're talking everyone from the governor, lieutenant governor, the two senators, I think, obviously, except for the Democrat Congressperson. I think Jim Kleinberg is there. Sorry if I butchered your name, sir, but other than that all the Republicans I think they're also all supporting Donald Trump the Congresspeople. So it's very interesting this dynamic here. Now here is something that you need to know about politics, very interesting. All right, when it comes to the money and we're not talking about you donating to a candidate individually, like if you're an individual and you give directly to the candidate, hey, good for you, that's the American way, all that good stuff but we're talking about the big money donors that don't go to the campaign but go to the super PACs. That super PAC money the campaign doesn't control. All right, so the campaign is kind of like backed by a super PAC, and the super PAC is interesting because they kind of pledge themselves to a certain candidate. They run TV ads. That's why you have those messages where they say this message, I approve because that's from the campaign when you hear that. But the other ones, people think it's from the campaign but they're actually super PAC ads and this money goes into the super PACs by a lot. When I say a lot, we're not talking about limited amounts. We're talking about sometimes millions of dollars that you could give Right now. If you want to give a million dollars to Donald Trump's campaign, you can't Because you're capped from it. But the super PAC money, that money is different. That money goes into the super PAC and they don't talk to each other, or officially they don't. And that super PAC, what it does, it runs ads. Okay, here's the point I'm getting at with Nikki Haley. It's called safe money. For example, if Tim Scott was still running for president, people feel very good donating to a super PAC because Tim Scott knows about it and is not tit for tat. But they want a curry favor. Most of the time it's with how can I say this? It's not a bribe, but it's just like hey, by the way, here I am putting a million dollars in your fund in hopes that when they get into office that possibly they'll be more favorably viewed. Let's put it that way, not saying anyone is corrupt, I'm just saying favorably viewed. Now, the thing with that is that's called safe money. If you're giving to someone that's a senator because the donors feel, hey, how are you going to lose? Because if he doesn't become president, by the way, a sitting senator actually knows that you supported him. Here's a difference with Nikki Haley. Nikki Haley does not have an office right now. That makes a difference. Now, why are people backing her Because they think either way number one, that she could be president, so let's keep that in mind. Or number two, that she has a political future, that is possibly being picked as VP or something else. The thing is, if the money donors start to see and realize that she's not going to become president, then if they realize, hey, she's not going to become VP either, then they're like, oh my goodness, we're wasting our money donating to the super PAC because this person is not going to have any power. So that's what it's about At this point. Really. It's about what is Nikki Haley's future? Now, really quick, it's very interesting because the George magazine poll we asked people and the last time they checked I said, basically, who would you like to see as the running mate? Nikki Haley's name came up on top. I think General Flynn was second the last time I saw it and I can't remember who was third, but it was very interesting that when I last checked it, nikki Haley was on top. Now, would that make a good choice? Of course, of course, but I don't know if that's going to happen because of this guy. Greg roll it.

Speaker 2:

I love it, but she forgot one thing. She forgot one thing Next week it's Nevada. Next week it's Nevada it's not South Carolina we love South Carolina but next week it's Nevada and I'm pleased to announce we just won Nevada. We just won 100 percent because all of them they looked at it and they took polls and I was polling at 95 percent to four.

Speaker 1:

All right. So the person behind him is guess who? That's right, Tim Scott. Tim Scott already endorsed Donald Trump. Tim Scott is the United States Senator from South Carolina, and the reason why this is so interesting is if the problem was truly that Donald Trump doesn't have the establishment, well, there it is. He could always pick Tim Scott, who would make a great VP, an excellent VP. Quite frankly, I'm sure Nikki Haley would make a great VP, but if he has an easy establishment, that's it. Now. The only plague, quite frankly, that she has left is if she could convince people that, hey, she has a lot of the moderates and the centrists and so forth. If Nikki Haley could have that, then she could possibly make a case hey, I should be VP, because look at all these votes I'm getting. However, however, what I think might be likely is that she's getting a lot of support and a lot of votes not because of that, but there are some people that will just, quite frankly, want to vote against Donald Trump, Especially as we've seen this. This was an open primary in New Hampshire, so you have people that are like, absolutely not, I'm going to just vote for whoever it is. That's the opposite of Donald Trump. So how is it going to play out with this? Who knows, but it's going to be very interesting. And one more point about this. This is pretty interesting If Donald Trump picks Tim Scott to be his VP choice, guess what Governor McMaster of South Carolina gets to do? He gets to do the same thing that Nikki Haley did, basically appoint somebody to become United States senator. That's a big deal, In fact. If that's a big if, if the South Carolina governor was a Democrat, Tim Scott would never get picked, because that would mean a Democrat could pick a person that is a Democrat to the Senate. I know it might be hard to follow, but in a nutshell, if there's a vacancy, the governor picks it, and if it's a Republican governor, he gets to pick who becomes a senator. My point being is, who would he possibly pick? It could be Nancy Mace, but quite frankly, it also could be Nikki Haley. Now, I don't think Nikki Haley will be part of the Trump. How can I say this Cabinet, who knows? I know that Don Jr said he wouldn't like it and he also said well, I don't make the choices here, but I wouldn't like it. But could if I should say Nikki Haley had the full grasp of the moderates and they really like her. What would it take for her to start campaigning on behalf of Donald Trump, who knows? And I'm not saying this tit for tat, I'm just saying she's got to go back to South Carolina and start rubbing shoulders again with some of the establishment Republicans, which, like I said, it's very strange because normally speaking, you don't think of someone that is an establishment Republican having to ingratiate themselves to the establishment Republicans. But that's what Donald Trump has going on in South Carolina. He has the establishment elected officials and he also has the supermagic people there. Okay, stick around, I'm going to tie this all up in a big bow for you in just a little bit about George Eugene Ho coming back.

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Speaker 1:

Welcome back everyone to About George with Gene Ho. And just a reminder once again that no matter where you are watching this, whether it's on the Patreon channel, patreon TV rumble, wherever you could always watch this at George magazinecom. They're updating this regularly. You could just go there, hit the watch and look for about George and the other thing about it is starting on February 19th. This show will be shown exclusively on the George magazine network there. So leaving Patreon TV. Great company, stick around, watch their shows, very good company doing a lot of good in the world here. But just so you know, a programming note that starting on February 19th is going to be at George magazinecom, so go check it out over there as well. All right, that all being said, let's just wrap it all up here. The bottom line with all of this is Donald Trump is on the fast track of becoming the Republican nominee. This is a big thing because as they are doing that, as you are seeing in real time, the establishment Republicans are falling in line with Donald Trump. This is encouraging to see because to do this, he has to get the party organized and together as one Early on. Quite frankly, it's very divided. You have people like DeSantis and people like even Tim Scott, nikki Haley, have all these people coming into the race and it divides the Republican Party. What you're slowly starting to see is what we needed to happen for Donald Trump to become back in office, and that is the Republican Party to be united, at least in some way. And then, once you see that, what you are going to see which is going to be very interesting is Donald Trump's work to get more of the country, the people that are in the middle, the independents that don't support him. He's going to get them involved so that he can make a beeline to the presidency and back to the White House. Okay, that all being said, thank you for joining me once again. Don't forget a lot of stuff to talk about. Tomorrow, I'll be back here with Dave Blaise and we're going to be talking about RFK and his impact, and then, on Friday, we'll go back here again. We're going to talk about South Carolina. Nikki Haley says she's going to continue on. We'll see, and we'll talk about that on Friday. So, thank you about George with Gene Ho. We will see you tomorrow, thank you.

(Cont.) Trump’s Big NH Win. What’s Next? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 324