Trump Backstabbers? The Lowdown! | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 276

November 20, 2023 Episode 276
Trump Backstabbers? The Lowdown! | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 276
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Join Gene Ho for tonight's episode of About George as he breaks down Trump Traitors!

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Speaker 1:

Now, today we're going to talk Trump traders. Come on, how's that for a little clickbait for you? We're going to talk about all the so-called backstabbers. Come on, stick around about George Regina Ho coming up and welcome everyone and happy Monday to you. I think I'm the only one that really likes Mondays. I like it because we're off to a slow start, not a quick start. Always Mondays, we have a solo show with only me and because of that kind of ease into the work week. But this week we have a particularly good work week because it is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. Who knew I like to eat? So we're going to celebrate that. So we have a bunch of good news shows this week and then on Thursday and Friday we're going to have some best ofs. You're going to love them, my favorite best ofs. Almost like ever Been doing this over a year now, but you're going to see my best of shows on Thursday and Friday and I will be here with you today, tomorrow and Wednesday. So a lot of good programming to go through. And today we're going to be talking about our favorite subject with Donald Trump. Now we're going to talk today about the Trump backstabbers, or the so-called Trump traders, and all this stuff. There are a lot of them in the news, people talk about them all the time and the mainstream narrative is like oh, look at all these people betraying Trump. Everyone that ever works for Trump betrays him sooner or later. No, we're going to talk a little bit about how. That is certainly not true, and a lot of people are very loyal to Donald Trump and loyal to all these things that they've been doing it because they are truly mag of first people. However, there are some that possibly the mainstream media has labeled as traders or maybe labeled as backstabbers or whatever. We're going to be fair. We're going to go through them all and find out what people think and it's the same thing you think as well but we're going to be very fair to people. We talk a little bit about it. We are talking about it because it all starts with the news this past week with this Greg roll it.

Speaker 2:

Former Trump campaign lawyer, Jenna Ellis. She recounts a late 2020 conversation with Trump top aide Dan Scavino. Dan Scavino, you know, ran this Twitter account was very, very close with Trump. She says Scavino told her the Trump would never leave the White House despite losing the election and losing multiple legal challenges. Here's what she said.

Speaker 3:

He said to me and I kind of excited tone Well, we don't care and we're not going to leave. And I said what do you mean? And he said well, the boss, meaning President Trump. And everyone understood the boss, that's what we all called him. He said the boss is not going to leave under any circumstances, we are just going to stay in power.

Speaker 1:

All right, love that video because there's so much to talk about. And when you talk about that, let's lay the blame first on mainstream media. What do they always say? First of all, whatever they mentioned, someone like I don't know, dan Scavino, really Dan Scavino? How does the mainstream media portray Dan Scavino? It's like this all the time oh the social media guy, oh, the Twitter guy. Let me remind everyone Dan Scavino was the deputy chief of staff of the United States of America. Once you understand that, that's the title or the former, whatever, however you like to say it. But it's very condescending to call someone by their old job, for example, just saying I used to be a lifeguard. Generally speaking, you don't refer to me as like oh, the lifeguard just said this, the lifeguard on the show said that, or let's go even further. By the way, my first job is Burger King. Quite frankly, I, like Burger King, had a good time working there, I don't know, maybe like 750 an hour, what was it too shabby back in the day? But generally speaking, you don't call me the burger flipper, right? You may call me the former campaign photographer for Donald Trump or the current editor in chief of George. Those would be appropriate titles, but you do not call Dan Scavino by saying and referring to him as the Twitter guy. He was the deputy chief of staff of the United States of America and Dan Scavino deserves that title and work for that title. It's very kind, quite frankly. It's very condescending, really, seriously, not that person, not that person. But look at all the people mainstream media Do you ever say, oh, the former stripper said this? Again, not saying that person, I'm just saying in general, you like how I'm doing this, in general, in general, not to say there's anything wrong with shippers, just saying, all right, you get the point. Look at me describing how things work and how you address people. You don't call them the Twitter guy, all right, let's start by that. All right. So Dan Twitter, no, just joking. All right, this is what's going on here. First of all, let's fast forward to it. What ever happened to employee, not employee, lawyer client privilege? Whatever happened to that? Well, looks like this is a neat fancy workaround, just saying, looks like it, because she's not breaking it. She's not testifying against Donald Trump, she's testifying against Dan Scavino, all right. So you have that going on, which seems like. I guess, because she was a lawyer, she's not allowed to testify unless they say there's crimes committed. But just wondering, really just wondering, where is lawyer-client privilege in this, the other thing, and not a lawyer, quite frankly, not a lawyer. But my point is isn't this hearsay Dan Scavino is not in trial, right that I know of. Isn't this hearsay when you say you're building a case against this person, donald Trump, the president and meanwhile on this end you have someone that's not even part of it all right, and you're testifying against this person? That would be hearsay. It wouldn't matter. Seriously, I'm trying to figure out what's going to hear and what's going through this. Okay, let's be fair to Jenna Ellis here. All right, I'm not going to do what a lot of people have done on lies say, oh, she's a lawyer, she's this, she's that. All I'm saying is and is not excoriating her, not defending her. I'm just saying the reason, what people do here, and I'm not saying these people in particular. But we're going to talk about a person in a little bit. This was a state trial, a state trial, all right. So if she got convicted and thrown in prison for whatever and for some reason she didn't get exonerated or whatever from, by the way, the governor of Georgia, trump, going back into the White House, will not repeat, will not be able to pardon her. Not to say that it's all right at all, not to say that, hey, it's okay to lie or whatever. But if she was saving her own self here, if she was saving it, not saying it's okay, I guess you could understand why she's doing it. It's almost like she's a lesser of it. She's not doing it for money's sake per se, I guess I don't know, but she could not and will not be saved by Donald Trump, because Donald Trump would be federal. If he went back to become president and this is a state matter she would have to be pardoned by the state. The governor of Georgia. Okay, not saying that that's okay and all this stuff, but just being fair with this, with Jenna Ellis, and just putting it like where it is, with that Now, going along with that thought, all this stuff about flipping I learned because I heard this man speak Greg roll it.

Speaker 4:

I have actually refuted virtually everything in there, and then there's a bunch of things in there that, frankly, I don't believe are true. No senior campaign official told me to find out anything about WikiLeaks. That doesn't mean Mr Mueller can't do somebody to say that, but there'll be no corroboration for it. And no other person in the campaign who's a junior official inquired of what happened.

Speaker 1:

All right, let's break it down for you, because if you understand what happened to Roger Stone, you understand what's happening with all of these people, or most of them, I should say you got to be careful. What you say for entertainment purposes only. Whatever you want to say that, okay, it's got to cover myself for it. So what's going on here is this, and I learned it from watching Roger Stone speak. According to Roger Stone, what they do is this they get you busted for something and then they say, hey, you can get off free and clear if you testify against Donald Trump. I'm just saying it like this. I'm sure it said more cleverly than I did. I'm sure it said something like this You're facing a lot of prison time, buddy, I don't know. Do you remember anything? I don't know Anyone saying like oh, let's cheat the election or let's steal whatever. Oh, I saw a junior person say this no, no, no, no. Let me repeat it. Have you noticed anything or heard anything, I don't know by anyone important? What are things going on here, really? I know my audience knows it, but everyone should understand what's going on here. They get the lower people to get them to try to flip on the upper people. This is not new. This has been done for a long time. They do this, quite frankly, with a lot of criminals. They say hey, you are selling weed on the edge of the street. By the way, you're the kingpin, right? You know what goes on. They bust them and they say who's working, who you working for, and all this stuff. But in this case, obviously it seems everyone's after Trump, because they want to stop Trump from going back in office, and the easiest way to do that is have corroboration. This person is a witness. They said Donald Trump said this, this person said that, and they tried to bust the lower people. Not to say Roger Stone is a lower person, but he's not the real target In this case, donald Trump is. So that's what they're doing, according to Roger Stone, and if you understand that, you understand the dynamics of what's going on here and, by the way, we also, in another show, talked about Sidney Powell Donald Trump even tweeted out something to the effect that he likes Sidney Powell, a lot of these people and I'm not saying that, I'm not excusing anything, I'm not even involved in this stuff, but I'm just saying this is what's happening. However, there are other people that also go against Trump and we're going to find out why in just a moment about George Gene Ho coming back.

Speaker 5:

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Speaker 1:

Now, this is one of those things. If you know you know I don't know how many of you use colloidal silver this is just like that, but much more pure and much more strong. This is my chronic silver. I go to my chronic silvernet. I use my chronic silver. Go to my chronic silvernet. And also, please use my promo code so I get credit for it. Use the promo code I give you here for your discount my chronic silvernet. Alrighty, everyone. Welcome back to about George Ritchie and how, and I hope you're looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving. I've always loved Thanksgiving, especially since it always lands on a Thursday. I don't know why that's so wonderful, because you just know when it's going to be and then you know you have that and then the weekend coming. So I will have here, just like most of you are hope most of you four day weekend, but on Thursday and Friday you will see a couple of my best stuffs Been doing this for a year. You'll really like them. So wherever you're watching this, watch again. It'll be fun and you know it's going to be a good show. All right, the other thing I want to talk about is, please, if you could go to georgevideocom there you can see my new show. Thank you, greg, it's called at home with Gene Hode. There's a bunch of neat shows to see here, but if you go there, look at that guy that just popped on your screen handsome fella. Anyway, you got to watch it because I talk about different things with home life and I say this again, it's not as slickly done as this show here on Amp News, but it's still pretty good and it's fun and I like to do it. And, by the way, I mentioned that earlier, there's a. You saw a commercial about Microdial Silver, like Cordial Silver. Oh, my goodness, if they sponsor me, I got to learn how to say it correctly. Anyway, go to that mycrodialsilvernet, I don't know. Just go click links or whatever and use the promo code. You're going to like it. It's a great product and I use it all the time, not only for myself but for my farm animals, because if they get hurt I spray it on them and it's like better than everything. So anyway, check it out, all right. Going back to our topic, here we're talking about Trump traders. Maybe that's a little bit strong of a word, maybe, just like I bet you anything. That Trump trader thing is like when people call other people rhinos, right, because it's really not rhinos, the Raghat or a. So I've been saying, I've been trying to be nice, so I say not rhinos, I say establishment Republicans. All right, just flat out. Okay. So I won't say traders, all right, traders sounds really bad, but I don't know, I don't even know word for it. That's nicer than that. People that Move away from Trump, that's too long of a word. Anyway, why do people do that? And why are there so many backstabbers so-called in the media? Because the media likes to show them off, but the truth of them is, or the truth of the matter is, there's a lot of people that have stayed very loyal to Donald Trump because, not just because of Donald Trump, but because they're loyal to the movement. Here's the thing if you like Donald Trump, you could not like him. I like Donald Trump because not like him, but still move along with the movement, because the movement is bigger than just Donald Trump. That's why you want to be America first and Donald Trump is the America first so-called leader of it, obviously. So why do some people pull away from Donald Trump? All right, let's see if you can figure out from this video here, correct roll it.

Speaker 6:

News reports former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is being considered to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Sources say no decisions are expected soon, but also among the list of those being considered are former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and outgoing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, as well as former Attorney General William Barr, who served under President George HW Bush. In the meantime, matthew Whitaker is now acting Attorney General and will oversee special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia Pro.

Speaker 1:

All right, that is a very telling video and me being involved somehow in the Trump world, I understand the dynamics of this and let me explain it to you, and that video shows it very well. I know a lot of people friends of mine that went in to support Donald Trump, thinking that maybe they might get a certain how can I say this position. It was not pay-per-play or whatever like that, but they go in there hoping that there is a certain position for them, case and point. Like me, all right, I was a campaign photographer for Donald Trump in 2016. I Really thought that I would get the chief White House photographer job. I didn't get it. Quite frankly, it was, and she did a great job with it. It was Laura Bush's photographer that got that job. Was I disappointed? Absolutely. Do I feel better about it now? Definitely. I'm the editor-in-chief of George magazine and during that time, I toured the country promoting my book about Donald Trump, which I'm gonna talk about it in a second but I didn't get the job I wanted, but I Didn't turn on Donald Trump. I know a lot of people a lot, a lot, a lot of people that went in there thinking that they were gonna get one job or another and they didn't. I know people that wanted jobs as ambassadors. They didn't get it. I know other people that wanted other jobs. They didn't get it. And there's a lot of these people that just didn't get the job and say, hey, whatever, we'll move on, and most of them ended up with lives Really much better than what it is. Quite frankly, to be honest, and this is the truth of the matter, I don't think I want to live in DC. I wouldn't. I'll be honest, I don't care. It's almost like I don't care how much money you gave me. Now that I see it, I don't want to live in DC. So there's a lot of people that wanted jobs didn't get it, and some of them ended up becoming embittered to Donald Trump Now, not speaking for Chris Christie here, because I don't know his reasons and he has his own and I'm fair on this but it was the word on the street that he, chris Christie, wanted the job as Attorney General of the United States. He didn't get it. All right, obviously didn't get it. So was that the reason why he suddenly turned so bad on Trump? I don't know. You got to ask him, but a lot of people didn't get a job and they get upset, they get pissed off. I Quite, frankly, I mean, it wasn't the easiest thing in the world. I wanted the job. I didn't get it. Okay, fine, move on, do something else and make your own life. And I still supported Donald Trump throughout this whole process. But a lot of people did it or sometimes and these are like, I hate to say, the worst kind. I hate to say it like this, because everyone has their own reasons and I'm being really fair and honest about this Everyone has their own reasons. If you ask them, they say, no, that's not how it was, it's because of this. But it's just weird when people work for the administration and they're out and they don't have a job anymore, so their next job becomes trashing Donald Trump. And I know this in a way, and I don't know the reasons, but I do know I really do know that when I was did not get the job of White House photographer chief White House photographer, by the way I was still, during that time, campaign photographer. I was campaign photographer also in 2020 for the Trump campaign. I just wasn't the White House photographer. It's two different things. My point with this all is this when I got out and I was a little bit upset that I didn't get a job. I had a choice. Really, I could make up some lies about Donald Trump and sold a book, but, quite frankly, I certainly wouldn't need to be doing this. Not that you would listen to me anyway, but I could have sold that book as a minority, working for Donald Trump, telling lies behind the scenes of where I got to see Donald Trump. I could have sold that book for multi-millions and never had to work again. I promise you I'd never have to work again. How do I know that is because I was right next to the guy and my lies would have been very clever. People that write anti-Trump books even the people that are far away from him journalists get a lot of money for doing that, for dishing dirt on Donald Trump. It's financially viable. But I wrote a positive book on Donald Trump and I had to travel all around the world with it or the nation with books in my car, selling it for like $30 a piece all over the nation. So what? It was great. I'm here. I know this stuff is good, but that's why some people turn on Donald Trump because it's so viable as a business model to write negative things about Donald Trump. Here's the video on it Greg roll it.

Speaker 7:

Habermans is just the latest Trump book to raise the question why do so many DC journalists appear to sit on huge revelations, especially Trump-related revelations, until they're published in a book, instead of putting them out immediately? Newspapers are dying, faith in the media is at all time low and the best-positioned journalists are holding their cards until the lucrative book launch.

Speaker 1:

All right, let's break that down for you. What he is saying is this there are journalists that people say what they're doing is they find a story on Donald Trump and then later on they hold on to that story until they can write a book about it. In other words, they tell the juicy stuff till later. All right, whatever. I don't know if this is the truth. That's what people say. Point being with that is it is very, very lucrative to write a negative book on Donald Trump, and even more lucrative if you are in close proximity to Donald Trump. So, once again, that's why some of the people write them. Now you can ask everyone and then they'll say that write these and say no, no, no, no, no, no. It's not about the money, it's about the principle of the matter. It's about the principle. I don't know, I'm just saying that it's very, very lucrative. I know, and meanwhile, quite frankly, a lot of you guys met me because I'm driving to the events with a car full of books, selling them for 30 bucks. All right, that's what I did for three, four years. It's cool, I love it. All right, it was great. I don't know if I say anything bad about it, but if I wanted I could have wrote a negative book with a lot of lies in it, and I said this to many people before I really did. I said it would be so good with lies because once you take a picture, you have a date and timestamp. So if I wanted to weave some lies all I could say to any publisher I got a book. I was behind the scenes. I saw A, b, c and D, donald Trump, duke, all these things, what he said, places, names, dates and everything, because every time I click the button I have a time and date stamp on it and it adds to the so-called credibility. But the truth is I didn't do it. So you at least can understand why people have done it. It is very, very lucrative to write a nasty book about Trump. All right, stay tuned. What a show we have today. But I'm going to have my final thoughts for you in just a second here about George, with Gene Ho coming back.

Speaker 8:

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Speaker 1:

Welcome back everyone to About George with Gene Ho and once again, I hope that you're looking forward to a great week ahead here. Thanksgiving weekend, tomorrow we'll be back with a fresh new show and also Wednesday and don't forget this Thursday and Friday we'll have one of the best of shows. I'm going to take some time off spending with my family and also, again, just check out that show at home with Gene Ho. It's on georgevideocom. All right, just a couple of things I want to say on a personal, personal note. By the way, I didn't write Wednesday show yet, so Wednesday show might be just like off the cuff. I might just come here and talk to you about Thanksgiving and what it means to me and all this stuff. I don't know, that's not very click, baby. I need the views, but I'm just saying I might just do that. I don't know. Anyway, check out Wednesday's show as well. That's going to be me live. I guess I could say that way. So we'll talk about it. I don't know yet. I just didn't write the write the show yet there. All right, one thing I want to say and I mean this from the bottom of my heart here about this, this movement here. There's a big movement here with people calling other people grifters, that is, people in the MAGA movement that other people that don't like them in the MAGA movement they call the grifters. A grifter meaning basically hey, you go in there just to get money from other people. That's what you're doing. You're basically conning people or you're selling things for the sake of I don't know, taking advantage of magnation or whatever. All right, now are there grifters? I'm sure they are, I really sure they are. But my point is you got to give a lot of these people in the patron movement a little break. People really don't say about me as much. They really don't, but I'm speaking on behalf of many people that get labeled as grifters. I am going to tell you, if I was going to grift okay, if I was going to grift, there'd be a better way to make money. They're going around in a Toyota selling books out of the trunk of my car. Other people, quite frankly, you know, defend them here. People like Roger Stone. People say to Roger Stone oh, what are you hocking this or hocking that? You got this? What are you a grifter? Do you realize how wealthy many of us can be in the MAGA movement if we simply would betray Donald Trump. Do you realize how much money most of us can make? So all those people in close proximity especially not all of them, but in close proximity you just got to cut them a break because they worked hard. All right About George with Gene Ho. Thank you for joining me and we'll see you tomorrow.

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