Deep State Plan B on Trump? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 273

November 15, 2023 Episode 273
Deep State Plan B on Trump? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 273
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The Deep State is on the run! But we want Trump back! Tune-in as gene ho breaks down the Deep State's Plan B on TRUMP!


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Speaker 1:

Retreat. I'm telling you the deep stage retreating. I know it's like a spooky word for you, but it's happening. We're going to talk about it, about George, with Gene Ho coming up and welcome everyone, and happy Wednesday to you. Come on, next week around this time we'll be having Thanksgiving, so it's gonna be good. We got some more shows to do, though, and you're gonna love it, because today's a solo show. Got a lot of stuff to talk to you about today, so stay tuned with this, because today we're talking about our favorite subject. You know it. We're talking Donald Trump today, but at the same time, we're talking about the deep state. Alrighty, let me clear it up for you. Before Donald Trump came into office, I'm telling you this word deep state. It was very spooky to many people that was like oh, this is another conspiracy. Along the way, there were some Congress people that started talking about the deep state and all this stuff. The person that talked about it best was Tucker Carlson, who called the deep state permanent DC. Now here's the thing when it comes to the deep state, it sounds very conspiratorial. Like what are you guys crazy? Cute people, all this stuff. But the truth of the matter is, when we are talking about the deep state. We are talking about what Tucker Carlson said, basically permanent DC, and it does exist. And now, now that we're talking about the deep state, it is the apparatus, that everything. When it comes to all of these how can I say these puppet politicians? There's already a system in place and each different politician that gets in there kind of fits into the system. So it is like they said, the dog and the tail wag. Basically, the deep state is always there and it's always just replaced by the next politician that goes there. And, by the way, you don't know the exact number, but I can tell you the exact number is not zero. If you have 400 United States congressmen or women and you have 100 senators here's the thing. What do you think? There's 500 of them all together. What's your guess? All 500, none of them. None of them are in any way bad. All of them are good. None of them are being blackmailed in any way. All of them make the best decisions for the American people. Okay, they're understood. Now you could get there and start a conversation, because all 500 of them they are not all innocent. Many of them don't know the exact number, but I assume many of them are hopelessly corrupt and hopelessly blackmailed. If you don't understand that about our system, well, that's what the deep state does. They put people in position because they are blackmailed. They took some money or whatever and they're doing the bidding of other people. Now, if that sounds conspiracy to you, then at least admit there's at least one of them doing it out of the 500. None of them are corrupt, none of them are blackmailed, none. Anyway, it was interesting. I had a story that I told, or someone told to me. Dc Insider let's put it that way said a lot of them, a lot of them, the senators, congressmen, corrupt, blackmailed, put in place and you have an apparatus, the deep state, all around them that control a lot of stuff. Wow, what a long way to explain it, but I have to talk to people about it, because every time you use the word deep state, people freak out. All right, let's call them normies, all right, normal people freak out because they think what are you talking about? That's the person I voted to office, okay, whatever, stay asleep. All right, go watch Wheel of Fortune or something I don't know. Do something else, but get out of the way, because we know that the system is corrupt and very corrupt. Now, the problem with it, and why I feel so confident with Donald Trump, is Donald Trump went in there to clean up the swamp. If he was part of that system of things that is Donald Trump, they would not be working so hard to keep him out, because I get the feeling once he gets back in, he's going scorched earth all right, and so it seems seems like the deep state is doing a plan B. Why? Because he's so far ahead and because of this, greg roll, it.

Speaker 2:

As I mentioned, the presidential race less than a year ago now and a New York Times Sienna College full shows Trump leading in five of the six most important battleground states. That could be decisive. The margins are between four and 10 percent. President Biden on top only in Wisconsin and by a margin of two points. So let's break it down with NBC. Senior Washington correspondent Halle Jackson. Halle, good morning. This poll is setting off alarm bells. Let's go inside the numbers. Where is President Biden losing key voters?

Speaker 3:

First issue, savannah something that we always talk about when it comes to any kind of presidential election, and that is the economy. How is the economy doing? This is the top issue for nearly six in 10 voters and a lot of them. Eighty one percent say that the economic situation right now is fair or poor. That's, even though you look at unemployment, relatively low. The pace of inflation that has slowed down Now, interest rates are still higher. So people are clearly feeling that, and more than half of the people in this poll say they trust Donald Trump to do a better job on the economy.

Speaker 1:

Okay, there's mainstream media Pretty accurate, have to say Pretty accurate. So bravo to you. Here's what's going on in America, as you know, and the crazy thing about it is, if they really wanted to keep Donald Trump out of office, what they should do is really say, listen, all right, all we have to do is delay all of this stuff until 2024. Make it Biden the best economy ever. Do not Try to do wars, just get the economy good. Everything's good. Get rid of COVID. Open up everything. Truth be told, many of us in imagination got involved with this because we're so frustrated. You have to remember that. The thing is, many of us, including myself, would rather live a different life, not talk about politics, not rally the troops to understand what's going on in America. The thing is, many of us in imagination were asleep throughout the whole process, and I said it many times before all right, let's be honest both ways. Always with it. All right when it came to Jimmy Carter. If you lived during that time, it was really, really bad. All right, that was a bad time to be living. It was. The economy was really bad. The way we felt in America with the Iranian hostages I mean, it was just very, very demoralizing. All right, then you had some really good presidents. Okay, ronald Reagan was a good one. Here's the other thing about it, and this is the truth. I'll be honest Clinton, a lot of it. I loved Clinton. I loved Obama, all these people. It was pretty decent. Right now, it seems I don't know what's going on, but they're rushing to something, and if you really wanted to get rid of Trump, all you have to do is just work on the economy and then people like us will just go back to sleep. However, what happened in the process of all of this going on? Who knew people want Trump back because it's so bad out there? So now you have these polls which show how much of the American people want Donald Trump back Again. It's very interesting, because if you wanted to get rid of Donald Trump, just make everything better, and Magnesia would have said you know what you could be told not much difference between Trump and Biden. We want Trump, we like him, but we get it. A lot of people don't like him or whatever. So let's just stick with Biden If it was good or if it was better and you were honest about it and it was better, would we not? This is the truth with imagination. If it was real. I know imagination is very endeared to Trump, but if this economy was even better, no wars. Our personal economy is doing better. Would we not just go ahead and say you know what, let's just vote for Biden If it was really good. But it's not. And so what you see here, for whatever reason, inept deeper things with Biden. He's not doing good, so the deep state looks like they're going into a plan B, starting with this guy, greg roll it.

Speaker 4:

California. Good morning Ollie.

Speaker 5:

Good morning, dave. Governor Newsom, the first governor to visit China since 2019. California governor to visit since 2019. Back then, governor Jerry Brown sides in agreements with Chinese governors on climate change issues and Newsom is doing the same thing now. He met with five different governors in China this week before meeting overnight in Beijing with Chinese president Xi Jinping. Now these are the first pictures of that meeting. Cameras weren't allowed to record any snippets of their conversations, but Newsom later said he discussed cooperation on tackling climate change with China's president and also China's role in stopping the shipping of chemicals worldwide that are often used to make fentanyl.

Speaker 1:

Okay, all right, let's just put it where it is. Does anyone believe this is what's going on here, that he really cares about climate change? He went all the way to China to talk to the president there about climate change. Come on, man, we all know what's going on here. All right and this is how much my audience watching this isn't dear to me, because you are thinking the same exact thing. He's over there to look presidential. He's going in there to talk to world leaders to look presidential. Quite frankly, everyone does it. All right, all these politicians running for president or getting ready to run for president, they all do that, all of them. The Santas even went to Israel. They do this to look presidential. I get it. Okay, like I get it. Go for it. This is great, I don't care. It's your, either your state's money, because you say from California tax money, oh, we're working on climate change or fentanyl, like it doesn't matter to me because I don't live in California. How you do it. But come on, man, if a politician would just be honest and say you know what? I'm not going there for fentanyl, I'm going there for a photo op to make me look presidential because I'm getting ready to run for president. So that is a first code that there's a plan being in action, because obviously there's plenty of time here and Biden is not pulling his own weight. I don't know what's going on. You would think that if it was here's something against the deep state, if you were really a deep state, you would think you just make everything really wonderful. But I think it's out of control now. I think it's too far gone that they can't control it anymore. Okay, that was the first thing. You have someone getting ready to run for president, obviously because he's doing photo ops internationally even though he's a governor of a state. But it's all cool. There's two more plan B operations. In effect, stick around about George. Jean Ho is coming back.

Speaker 6:

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Speaker 7:

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Speaker 1:

All righty, everyone, and welcome back to About George with Gene Ho. I just want to talk about a couple of things. Don't forget. Oh my goodness, this is the week. This week is the week that the new George Jr comes out and, by the way, it's going to be interesting because my son was a model. Basically, we took a picture of a young Tesla and my son was the young Tesla in there. It's a drawing, but it's pretty neat. So you got that going on this week and then next week the new George magazine comes out. So check it out. And one more thing go to georgvideocom. There's a lot of good shows, including my other show called At Home with Gene Ho. Oh, look at Greg, thank you so much. You can see it right there. What color is that? It's that powdered blue. What is that at home? Anyway, that's me over there and you should check it out. That's in georgvideocom Not quite as slick as this program with Greg and everyone else behind there with the green screens and all that stuff, but you'll enjoy it very much. Alrighty, let's talk about it. Okay, we're talking about the deep state and we're talking about Donald Trump. Here's the scenario here and the breakdown. You have Donald Trump, as he would say leading by a lot, leading by a lot. Okay, there's no question about it. All right, everyone knows it. Nikki Haley knows it. Everyone knows it. They'll ask him. They'll say, oh, I don't know, I can still have a chance to win. No, everyone knows it. All right, it would be great if people could just be honest and say, hey, he's so far in the lead, he's going to win the whole thing, become the Republican nominee. All right, so that much we know. Now, since that's happening, it's pretty obvious too that Biden is doing so bad with the economy, with everything in the United States is doing so bad that people want Trump back. And if you compare apples to apples Trump administration, biden administration come on, everyone knows there's no one, no one's confused anymore about who is a better president, to be honest. Okay, so I get it. You could say, well, can't, it could be better than maybe someone else. Maybe we'll pick someone else, but that you could go with a battle. But no, when it's Trump versus Biden, there's no question about it. Okay, so then the deep state is in panic mode. What are they going to do? So they can't really run Biden, so they got to figure out a way to get rid of Biden. All right, by the way, have him drop out, not get rid of him. All right, Got to be careful when I say that. So you got Newsome preparing himself going to China. Come on, what are you doing? What are you doing in China? All right, that's the first thing, but there's something else building up. I'm going to talk about it, but it starts with this Go.

Speaker 8:

Rack roll it, the new overnight Republican Senator, tim Scott, dropping out of the race for president. He made the announcement during a live TV interview. We're told. It caught many of his own staff members and donors by surprise. It also very clearly caught the TV host off guard. The TV host, who is his longtime friend and former South Carolina Congressman Drake Outie.

Speaker 4:

When I go back to Iowa, it will not be as a presidential candidate. I'm suspending my campaign Now. I think the voters who are the most remarkable people on the planet have been really clear that they're telling me not now, Tim. I don't think they're saying no, but I do think they're saying not now.

Speaker 1:

Okay. The fact that he this is Tim Scott suspended his campaign is nothing that we didn't already figure out. I just didn't think it would come this fast in, like all of this. I thought it would be after Iowa, so he could do well there and he would have done pretty well there, but he would have dropped out before South Carolina because he is a sitting United States Senator and he can't afford to come in third place, fourth place, fifth place in his own state. So I knew, or we knew, he would drop out. Now why did he drop out so quickly? First of all, I have to say that I really do like Tim Scott. I do know him. I used to be from South Carolina. I am telling you not what I am saying. I am telling you what Maganation is thinking. Quite frankly, no one believed that that was really his girlfriend, let's put it that way. And if it really wasn't his girlfriend, he this is Tim Scott was very well known to be an honest guy. Like you could trust him. But a lot of people whether it is because I don't know, I don't know Take them for face value. But I will say what Maganation was thinking. They don't really believe that that was his girlfriend. They thought it was a publicity stunt and it was already people questioning in the mainstream media hey, why is this guy 50-something years old and never married, all right, just going to say it like that. I like the guy Doesn't matter anything. Take him at word that's his girlfriend if he says it. But I'm going to say what imagination believes? They didn't really believe it, they didn't buy it, all right, just, you just go online, just read the comments. It's not me, just read the comments, all right. That being said, what this has signaled and you're going to see it later on with DeSantis, because, let's face it, desantis is not going to do it. He is not going to win the nomination period. You all know that. You also know that because he has to have, in March, a primary in Florida and he will drop out before then because he cannot afford to lose in his own state. He will not beat Donald Trump in Florida period, so he has to save face and drop out before them. That leaves Nikki Haley and online, a lot of people saying oh what, nikki Haley is going to be Vice President, Jane Ho, or Secretary of State. I'm telling you, if Nikki Haley is the last person standing. Trust me, she's got a lot of game and she could go to the RNC and say, listen, if, because I was out there and I did so well, I deserve some say in all of this. Yes, it is Donald Trump's pick, but when you have the backing of all the establishment saying, just like they did with Ronald Reagan, hey, we'll support you, but we're going to pick our guy, herbert Walker, to be your vice president, trust me. Plan B and I'm not calling her a neocon, I'm just saying she's an establishment Nikki Haley is going to be in position to be the last person standing and when she is the last person standing, it does carry weight period. It does carry weight because she has all the backing of all the people and she's going to be in position, very much like Hillary Rodham Clinton, when, with Obama, if Hillary wanted to, she could have been vice president. You know that. Instead, what did she choose? Secretary of State? What's going to happen? We don't know. But the deep state and it's not a scary deep state. I'm just saying the people behind it permanent DC. They don't want someone. How can I say this? I won't say it like this if they can't control, but they want someone that's part of their club, but Vick not part of the club, trump not part of the club. Nikki Haley definitely part of the club establishment and I did not say Rhino anything, neocon, I didn't say that. But she is very much establishment. So that is establishment choice. And I get it, because people comment and they say, no, we can never want Nikki Haley won Kerry Lake. It's not like that, it doesn't work that way. Because he is a Republican nominee, he has to help and work with the RNC. It's going to say it like that. So that's the second plan B. Here's the third plan B Greg, roll it.

Speaker 4:

And we open question which of these many off off off your elections got your attention?

Speaker 9:

Virginia was definitely the most important one, not just because of how close it is to Washington DC. Many felt potentially this could be a referendum on President Joe Biden and, given the fact that we have seen him struggle in the polls, but also for the fact that Glenn Yonkin really was trying so hard, spent a ton of money, spent a ton of personal time in capital to try to flip Virginia so that both the state legislature, both chambers the House of Delegates and the Senate were read and actually what he has now is a very divided government.

Speaker 1:

Okay, what do I mean by all that? We're talking about the deep state retreating. It seems inevitable. Well, that's a hard word to say, I don't even want to try it again, but you know what I mean. Okay, it seems like it's definitely going to happen that Donald Trump has given the Republican nominee. That's like in gold. Other thing is, it looks like he's going to win the presidency. Here's the thing. When it comes to this, the interesting thing about it is what happens to everything else. Well, if they're going to retreat, they got to go work and try to get back. How can we say this? All right, he's got to try to get back the House and the Senate. This is a Democrats. So what you might see coming up and in play for the next year is a full-court press to make sure that, even if Donald Trump gets back in office, this Donald Trump, our guy, quite frankly, is going to be limited. The next step is to limit him as much as possible. And it's very close because with you have excuse me, when you have a Congress and a Senate that close together, if the Democrats could win both, they could go the back way around and do the same thing that did before and work to try to impeach Donald Trump or marginalize what he does, and that's the plan B. So what you have is a dynamic brewing where, if they can't stop Donald Trump from being president of the United States, what they can do is prevent and limit his influence in America. Because I'm telling you, just like the first time, when you have Donald Trump there and you have people with him that want to impeach him, that slows things up by a lot. So that's what you see here, with the dynamic with Donald Trump and the deep state. The deep state is already surrendering to the fact that he's going to be the Republican nominee. There's no stopping that, and it looks highly likely he's going to be president again. If that's the case, the next best thing to do is retreat, if you were the deep state, and while you're retreating, very simply make it as difficult as possible. So you that is, the deep state retain as much control as possible, all right. That being said, sick around. I still got some thoughts for you about George Regina Ho coming back Now. This is one of those things. If you know, you know I don't know how many of you use colloidal silver. This is just like that, but much more pure and much more strong. This is my chronic silver. I go to my chronic silvernet. I use my chronic silver. I go to my chronic silvernet and also, please use my promo code so I get credit for it. Use the promo code I give you here for your discount. My chronic silvernet. Welcome back everyone to About George with Regina Ho, and thank you for joining me. By the way, it's good to see a couple of new commercials. By the way, I watch all these commercials with you in real time, so check them out. And, by the way, that my chronic silver is good stuff. I really use it, my family uses it and my barn animals use it. By the way, you got to go to georgevideocom because there you'll see my show at home with Regina Ho. It's pretty interesting. Like I said, it's not as slick as this one. This one's really neat, nicely done. The other one is cool and all, but it's pretty much me at home and you'll love it. We talk about animals, we talk a lot about faith, all right. That all being said, I want to thank you for joining me with this, but want to remind you guys what's going on in America. And what's going on in America is people are supporting Trump, people are getting behind Trump because they are tired. They are sick and tired, tired and sick of all this stuff going on. Now, quite frankly, most of us in imagination, all right, most of us in what we do really don't want to get involved in this. Like, who wants to get involved in politics, to be honest, or talk about it, and all this stuff? The easiest way that is a deep state or whatever to get rid of all of us. The easiest way is work together to make a better America, stop the wars and, by the way, that's a show for another day. You know all these wars. They're funded by what? Many corporations that buy all this stuff and they go into wars and then they spend all the money fighting these wars and it's going to somebody. If there's no war, someone's not getting paid. All right, I'm just saying it like that. It's like truth bombs all over the place here. But the point about it is, if we had good government, if we have politicians that were not corrupt Quite frankly or blackmail, probably not so much corrupt, that's bad, but like a lot of them are blackmail how many? I don't know. 500, I doubt it very much. Doubt it. A one. There's not. Not even one is corrupt. Come on, there's a lot going on behind the scenes and they're not. They're controlling things, not for our best interest. So because of that, quite frankly, we really, really do want a better America and most of us like, seriously, we only have a platform here on this show. So, online, everything, we only have a platform Because it's so bad and people want to hear about it and find out what's going on, and they agree with us. Truth be told, most of us would rather seriously Do our lives, go watch football on Sunday and then argue about football. That's, quite frankly, of the two of the two. That is a much better life, quite frankly, to just do your work, have fun, watch football, watch the kids play soccer on Saturday. But that's not where we are in America right now. So, thank you, so much about George with Jean Ho, and we will see you tomorrow. You.

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