Turbo Cancer Coverup with Ed Dowd | 4th Branch Ep. 31

November 14, 2023 Episode 31
Turbo Cancer Coverup with Ed Dowd | 4th Branch Ep. 31
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Speaker 1:

Hi everybody, welcome to the show. I'm Sophia. It's a funny thing how the media can so completely saturate the public with a narrative that people become either unresponsive or, at best, desentitized to actual raw data. You would think that a data analyst would be the answer to prayers, if either an answer or a prayer were what anyone was actually after. However, when these analysts, who by definition don't have a dog in the ring, present their analyses, they are met with every page of the opposition playbook, from radio silence to ad hominem attacks to full-on misrepresentation of their reports. It's incredible that people would listen to a reporter over an expert in the field, but almost even more incredible that they will take a news report over an analysts report. This is strange specifically because the analyst is not a doctor, not a scientist, not a specialist looking at everything through their lens or trying to make everything fit into their scope. An analyst doesn't care much about the who or the why. They are unattached and only care about the numbers as facts and report them as such. A seasoned analyst knows not only what those numbers mean, but also how they are manipulated to essentially lie with statistics in order to lead an audience to a conclusion or at least removal of doubt that the actual numbers might insert into any reasonable, uninfluenced person's consideration. If we were talking about baseball stats, that would be one thing, but what makes all of this so criminal is that we're talking about numbers which would presumably allow human beings to make proper choices for themselves regarding their health and, in some cases, their lives. We all mitigate risk on a daily basis, and we're able to do that because we presumably have access to all of the information and all of the data Planes we get in cars. We take calculated risks, and what's a risk for me might not be a risk for you. Further, what's a risk I'm willing to take might not be a risk you're willing to take. Life and people are not one size fits all, and the only way we are able to make the nuanced choices our lives demand about what is best for ourselves and our loved ones, for whom we hold agency, is if we have uninhibited access to all of the information and all of the data, no matter how complex and complicated and even sometimes incomplete and conflicting it may be. We all deserve to make those choices and we all have equal right to do so, regardless of every status, demographic profile or category our society might assign. The removal of information is fundamentally the removal of choice without informed. It's not consent. The removal of choice is the removal of bodily autonomy, and the removal of bodily autonomy is criminal. Ed Dowd, who wrote the book Cause Unknown, and his partners at Finance Technologies have been working on a myriad of issues surrounding the COVID vaccine, including excess all-cause mortalities across the UK, europe, australia and the US. You would think that the World Health Agencies would be scrambling to get their hands on this useful data. The opposite is true. The media and the World Health Agencies have all doubled down on trying to hide it, dismiss it, discredit it or flat out lie about it. What is unique and interesting, however, is that the only sphere in which those entities have been unsuccessful has been with the data analysts. It's not arguable, because it's raw data. You can argue the why, but you can't argue the what. And if you can't come up with a reasonable alternative explanation of which we are all ears, by the way then begrudgingly they must concede the point, at the very least, that this is happening. Thus far, every tactic of weak opposition that has been lobbied at the data analyst has been slapped down. The low-hanging fruit has always been that old people die, so you can't calculate excess deaths. So Ed and his partners used the age range 15 through 44. They tried to blame COVID instead of the jab, which is possible, of course. But if that's true, why are the numbers increasing to record highs in 2021 and 2022? After the miracle vaccines? There's a lag for all registered deaths versus causes, so they made an adjustment for that too. People get cancer. They said there were no excess cancer signals in 2020. It only went up starting in 2021. What they can prove is that excess cancers and excess cardiovascular events are super high and it's caused by something they tried blaming Long COVID. Okay, first of all, why does Long COVID not have a clinical definition yet? But, more importantly, why are the research dollars not being allocated to fixing Long COVID? If this were true and Long COVID were the culprit, tons of tons of money should be going into research to fix Long COVID. No, every single opposition narrative has been systematically negated and destroyed by the careful and specific data models Ed and his partners have harvested. Still, it's crickets, the pattern and the truth emerges. The signals are there and there is not a peep from the regulatory authority or the media. Finance technology's latest disability data in the UK and the US and, more specifically and recently, excess cardiovascular and malignant neoplasm in the UK for ages 15 to 44 is nothing short of staggering, and the numbers do not lie. Despite every attack in the playbook, both personal and professional, these guys keep marching forward, uncovering more and more undeniable evidence that we are smack in the middle of a 10 Sigma Black Swan event. Please welcome Ed Dabb.

Speaker 2:

Thanks for having me on again, Sophia. Good to be here.

Speaker 1:

Thanks so much for being here. I'm going to jump right in because you have a whole lot of new data to share. I know you guys have been looking around excess, the excess numbers that are showing up. You're not identifying the who, you're not identifying the why. You're just looking at these numbers. What have you been seeing? First of all, surrounding you know this data with the cardio events, with the cardiovascular excess cardiovascular events.

Speaker 2:

Sure, let's put up chart one. We did a study on age groups 15 through 44 in the UK and we found and we're just analyzing excess cardio events. So there's a trend. The trend on cardiovascular deaths was going down in the UK. Now it's jumped off the rails for this age group In 2020, there was a signal and went up 13% about 3 Sigma, 3 standard deviations, which is a signal. Then it went up again in 21 30%, 7 and a half standard deviations, or 7 and a half Sigma, and then 44%, 10 and a half standard deviations, 10 Sigma event. And just to give your audience an idea what that means a 3.8 standard deviation event is the chance of lightning hitting you at least once in your lifetime. 5 is the chance of 7 foot Giants being born and 10 standard deviations is the chance of a foot Giants being born across the globe. So these are rare events. They're signals and the the it's definitely accelerating in 2022. We don't have the 2023 data yet. We will get that at some point. The the the naysayers will say well, there was a signal in 2020. Is that COVID? Could be, could have been partly COVID, but there's also a lot of things that happened in 2020 with lockdowns and staffing issues. A seamahalters father died because there was a delay in getting him to the hospitals. He had a heart attack. There were reports of delays in emergency calls, so that could that could have been partially to explain what happened in 2020. But there's definitely a black swan events in 21 and 22 off the charts for this age group. They're not supposed to. They're not supposed to have cardiovascular events at this rate and we blame the vaccine. That's our thesis and at the very least, it needs to be investigated and the health authorities around the globe or crickets on this issue. We suspect what's going on in the UK. If we had access to the and drill down in the US data, we'd find similar signals. So that's where we are. On the cardiovascular front. It's kind of alarming. So the anecdotes you're hearing about sudden celebrity deaths and athletic deaths is based is proved out in the population numbers. It's about a 60 million population sample, so that's a pretty good statistical number to look at.

Speaker 1:

Can you explain what you mean when we say blacks want event? What is that? What does that mean? What is the criterion that is used to determine something like that? Second follow-up involved.

Speaker 2:

Well, in finance, it's over three standard deviations. And if you're a stock analyst and trying to make money for your clients, or a global macro hedge fund trying to make money for your clients, if you see something in the financial markets that yields a three standard deviation event meaning you have a normal average around which the markets usually react If it leaps out at three standard deviation events, something is going on to cause price changes quickly and violently, and it's called the Black Swan event and three or many Black Swan events five is big Black Swan and ten is off the charts and we're getting ten standard deviation events with regularity, especially in the younger cohorts, in excess mortality, especially in 2021.

Speaker 1:

And now, with these specific causes that we're drilling down into, so that's a really important point, so the fact that we're not seeing these changes and these rates of changes in populations where you could explain it away and say, okay, these are people who would be at risk for this kind of thing. Anyway, you're talking about a particular cohort, that is, the young, able-bodied, usually employed individuals in our societies. So what does that tell you from an analysis standpoint?

Speaker 2:

Well, if you have two brain cells, you ask yourself what changed in 21? Well, there was a new novel technology called the vaccine. So that's suspect number one. But of course, that's explained away all the time by the media, by the quote unquote experts, and they dismiss it With our data. They mostly just ignore it for the most part. So this is a signal and at the very least, it should be discussed. What people gotta remember is in 2020, there was a ticker tape on CNN, msnbc and other media outlets counting the dead and trying to scare you, and all of a sudden, the ticker tape has disappeared and they're not even talking about it. And if they do, they're trying to normalize it, saying that something called sudden adult death syndrome, which is new since 2021. A lot of these deaths are labeled as unknown cause, unknown, which is a new phenomenon. So there's a lot of strange things going on and, again, if you have a brain and two brain cells, it's the novel technology called the vaccine is what we think is the biggest culprit. Now, I'd be open to other explanations, but the thing is, the global health authorities see the signals we see and they're just not even talking about them. So the silence is deafening Silence says to me that there's a cover up and there's a cover up in process.

Speaker 1:

I would tend to agree with you Silence is deafening. You also have been looking around data surrounding cancers and turbo cancers. Can you tell me what, if anything, you have found in that round?

Speaker 2:

Yeah, so let's put up chart number two. This is just. This is overall cancers, the top 10 leading causes of cancer, and we found this is a this point's even more towards the vaccine. We saw in 2020, cancers went down slightly. Excess cancers were versus. The trend went down slightly, but then in 2021 went up 13%, which resulted in the five Sigma event five standard deviations and in 2022 went up 43% 16 standard deviations, which is that's just off the charts black swan event. So, again, what's what's very interesting here is that in 2020, pre vaccine, there was no signal and that's that's very alarming. It's very telling. Something's been introduced into the population since 21. That is causing 15 to 44 year olds in the UK to have excess cancer events and deaths. These are excess cancer deaths above the above the you know, the 1020 year trend. So there needs to be an investigation, there needs to be alarm bells sounded, but again the silence is deafening.

Speaker 1:

And then what have you guys seen, if anything, surrounding turbo cancers, so so called turbo cancers, within that subset?

Speaker 2:

Yeah, let's put up chart three. So this is going to take a little time to explain. This is so we drill down into specific causes of cancer. What we found interesting was there's a category called without specification of site, meaning they couldn't determine where the cancer originated, just kind of everywhere, and this actually did not have a signal in 2020. And then it went up 32% in 21, or 3.1 standard deviations in 59% in 2022, or six standard deviations. And again, we're not doctors, so we love doctors to weigh in here. We suspect that the cancer metastasizes so quick by the time it's identified. It's everywhere, and this, this phenomenon, has risen very quickly and very alarmingly. So this could be, you know, turbo cancers are being talked about by a lot of the doctors in the practices, cancers that come on suddenly and people are dead very quickly. So this could be a signal for turbo cancers. Again, doctors need to weigh in here and we've made the report available this week, so we'd love for them to look at the data. It's the turbo cancer is part of a 45 page report that drills down into other causes of cancer. We're going to be going over those as well over time, but it was a 45 page report that we did, and we'd love to get other opinions to weigh in, but that's our initial thoughts. Is that, without site specification is potentially a signal for these turbo quote unquote turbo cancers, which turbo cancer is not a thing. It's an explanation of a fast moving cancer that a lot of these practitioners have never seen before.

Speaker 1:

Right, exactly. Okay, we are going to take a quick break and come right back and discuss this further.

Speaker 3:

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Speaker 1:

So I think it's sort of human nature to want to identify a bad guy and a and a motive with things like this. And I get people asking me that all the time, you know why are these people doing this or who's behind it? And I kind of always say you know, first of all, I can't climb inside someone's head and determine their intention or degree of personality disorder. But I also, you know, it doesn't really necessarily serve us to string up the bad guy, because what we have right now is a system that is corrupt and we have a system that allows for these individuals with moral elasticity to come in and exploit that corrupt system. So getting rid of that individual is just going to leave room for another person who is perfectly willing to come in and play the same game. What I, you know, try to avoid is this idea that someone is, you know, co-ordinating, twirling their mustache in a room, somewhere, you know, in the mirror in the morning, and connecting all those dots and saying everybody's, you know, in a conspiracy together. I tend to not think that that's likely. But, ed, you have talked previously about the fact that there are these dots that exist. We don't need to assign an individual's motive to understand that there is a financial incentive and there is a control incentive on several levels and in several realms. Can you talk a little bit about how those things kind of converge and paint a clear picture whether or not we had identified the bad guy or not?

Speaker 2:

Yeah. So I have speculation on how this might have happened without identifying certain individuals, because money is a great incentivizer for lots of people. So what I've discovered in my career? I've been on Wall Street 30 plus years and I've seen three bubbles. I saw the dot com bubble. The Federal Reserve and the central banks of the globe printed money to stave off Y2K that was supposedly going to take down the earth and the computers around the globe, and so they pumped a bunch of money into the economy and we saw corporate fraud manifest as a result of that. There was free money in the capital markets. A lot of dot com worthless companies came public. There were a lot of real companies that profited off that. They cooked their books. There was a lot of speculation and a lot of people cheated the system to get rich. Wall Street rules were rewritten. All sorts of things happened coming out of that error and that drove a lot of the fraud. This bubble you roll forward to the great financial crisis. They blew another bubble to get us out of the prior bubbles, pricking and popping, and that moved on to the banking system and there was just blatant real estate fraud across the country People flipping homes, the famous big short scene where strippers are buying multiple homes, and that ended in tears. And to save the global economy from that bubble, we went into central bank money printing and global bailouts by governments. So now, in my humble opinion, the bubble moved to the balance sheets of the central banks and the politicians in the governments, and for the last 14 years we've been creating a system that's been abjectly corrupt and manifested in corruption throughout all of government agencies and bureaucracies. You look at the FDA. We just found out that two people that oversaw the approval of the Moderna drug went to Moderna well before they were allowed to and took high six-figure salaries. So this manifestation has been hiding behind the scenes and now it pops out. And so, if you're wondering why this occurred, it's money, money, money and lots of it, and that's why this thing was finally manifested into a mandate. So it was a unison of governments and drug companies mandating a product under the color of law and they rushed it, whether or not they knew. They knew it was going to kill people, who cares they rushed it. We're now finding out there's a potential adulteration in these drugs when they went from the clinical small batch manufacturing process to the large manufacturing process. Contamination has occurred. The results in the clinical trials without the contamination were bad enough, so we don't know what's been going on. So this is just greed, money and power. That's the best way I can explain it, and there are also other hidden agendas. I think there was a definitely an agenda to issue vaccine passports, link them to a digital ID and then eventually, a central bank digital currency. I suspect that because in April of 2020, a federal reserve governor weighed in on COVID by saying how do we get the economy jump started again? And he weighed in with surveillance technology and immunity badges, which was a prelude to vaccine passport. So you know why would a central bank president be talking about such things? I suspect there are multiple agendas that were served by this COVID vaccine rollout.

Speaker 1:

Exactly, it's all of these converging benefits and converging incentives. So you started finance technologies Um. To anyone who wants to go check that out, is finance technologies com, with it spelled with a pH Um. Can you talk a little bit about what you guys are doing and how you are? You you've been able to operate somehow. I don't know whether it's a magic shield, but you guys have been able to operate relatively unscathed and I do think it's largely because there you can't argue with the, with the raw data. You guys are not drawing conclusions, you're not. You know, you're not going outside of your lane. You're just saying here's the numbers. We want to partner with people who can help us try to identify the harms and try to identify what those numbers could mean and, moving forward, how we can prevent more harms. Um, so I think staying in your lane has has served you guys. Can you talk a little bit about what that lane is and and what you're doing over there?

Speaker 2:

Yeah, so we created the humanity project, which is what we call. If you go to our mission statement, we're trying to be the watchdog of the watchdogs. And when you say we've been unscathed, I think part of it has to do with I don't have a medical license to go after. I'm not a lawyer, so they can't squeeze me at the bar. We're investors and we have freedom of speech. The other thing we've done intentionally is our firm is yet to receive any monies. We're basically operating for free, so there's no revenue streams to go after. We're doing this out of our own pockets. Eventually we're going to raise capital for our hedge fund, but we've delayed that because this vaccine work is so important. You know we do. You know we have a day job, economic, deep economic cycle analysis and that's where we want to eventually go. But this is so important because you know, if we don't stop this horrendous vaccine in its tracks, the implications for the global economy or dire for the next decade. So I think we've been unscathed because we intentionally don't have any revenue streams, any any licenses to go after. So it's hard to it's hard to be free, in my humble opinion.

Speaker 1:

Yeah, that's a really good point. What do you guys see as your first of all, next steps? And then, what do you see in terms of the humanity project, which is part of finance technologies? In terms of humanities project, where do you guys see yourselves going next in terms of looking into this data? Where, where you, where do you want to go next? And, ultimately, how do you see that as a working component to the solution of this global problem that we really do now face?

Speaker 2:

regardless of whether they want to acknowledge it publicly, so we're you know we're going to continue to do research there. We've assembled a team. It's not just my, my business partners. We have volunteers that are working with us. We have including my partners to PhD physicists, one microbiologist, phd and insurance and executive and several other people including myself. We have a team and we're all working for free. At the moment, we're going to work on a fertility project at some point the UK yellow card system. We're going to continue to update all our excess mortality. We're currently working on the 2023 numbers. So that should be very interesting and illuminating. The good news is, in some of these countries looks like excess mortality is coming down, but persistently high excess mortality for younger age groups, which is a problem. We suspect total excess mortality is coming down because we did, unfortunately, wipe out a lot of the old people, so that's it's kind of it's called dry kindling, so we expect old people's excess deaths to go up over time again Once, once the base rates settle out. So it's it's. It's. There's some good news, but the trends are still high, alarmingly, for young people. We also intend to eventually make the humanity project and not a nonprofit organization. We'll start funding that from our hedge fund, which we're. You know we're going to start in earnest talking to potential investors. We really haven't even sent our slide deck for our hedge fund around. We're very selective. We're looking for a partner that is 100% aligned with our values, which is transparency and data analysis, and wherever that takes you, it has to take you. So we can't, we're not going to partner with someone that wants to control us. So it's going to be a unique investor and it's going to be a partner, and that person will end up owning part of our company because they'll provide the initial seed capital to get the hedge fund going. That's what we're working on. This is a work in progress and we eventually hope at some point governments will engage us to do analysis for them, at which point we will charge a consulting fee.

Speaker 1:

Beautiful and people can find your book cause unknown on Amazon currently correct.

Speaker 2:

Amazoncom correct. That's the best place to get it, because I don't think it's really available in bookstores.

Speaker 1:

Beautiful. Thank you so much, ed. Keep doing what you're doing and keep the fight, and we so appreciate it and so appreciate you being on the show.

Speaker 2:

Thank you, sophia, and love your show, so keep doing what you're doing.

Speaker 1:

Thank you, see you soon.

(Cont.) Turbo Cancer Coverup with Ed Dowd | 4th Branch Ep. 31