Did MAGA Kill the GOP? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 271

November 13, 2023 Episode 271
Did MAGA Kill the GOP? | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 271
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Republicans lost BIG TIME in Virginia. Is MAGA to blame? Gene Ho breaks it all down on tonight's episode of About George!

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Speaker 1:

Come on, let the blame game begin. Oh, come on, we lost Virginia. What are they gonna blame, magga? Come on, let's break it down for you about George, with Gene Ho coming up. Welcome everyone and happy Monday. I think I'm the only one that really loves Mondays. Keep it kind of light, and on Mondays I know I'm doing a solo show, so I just got to worry about myself and make sure there's good content from this weekend, by the way. Pretty good content, pretty good content. Let me explain why. Kind of giddy this morning because of all this news and not cheering on that, tim Scott stepped out of the presidential race. It's just that last week I just made a post about all of this before all this happened. As you know, tim Scott last night dropped out of the 2024 presidential race, out of the blue, I might add. A lot of people saying all these things about his girlfriend and all this stuff. Now, we won't go on to all of that. He deserves his privacy Now. He's just a United States senator. But here's the interesting thing and this is not part of the program but had to add it in there Remember I said last week this is the second time in a row I said hey, I never got a chance to say roll it about my own tape, but getting pretty popular my views on TikTok. But I said this three days before Tim Scott dropped out of the race. Greg, roll it. Okay, you realize that Donald Trump is playing 5D chess and he just punked the RNC. This is what's gonna happen and mark my word. You can bookmark it or whatever. Tim Scott will drop out before February because he has to drop out before the South Carolina primary. He is a sitting United States senator in South Carolina. He cannot afford to come in third place, fourth place, fifth place in his own state. So he's gonna drop out and he will endorse Donald Trump. Watch it and mark my word, because he will need Trump's help later if he runs for governor of South Carolina. Next, what's gonna happen the next month later? What you're gonna see is DeSantis is gonna drop out. Same scenario because Donald Trump was just in Florida doing a rally. Desantis cannot afford to lose his own state in a presidential primary because he's a governor there. He won't want to embarrass himself, so he will drop out before that primary. Watch this and that leave Nikki Haley, and Nikki Haley will not attack Trump because she very well may be Secretary of State and maybe even vice president. All right, we gotta revisit that later on with Nikki Haley and all this stuff. We'll save that for another day. I get it A lot of comments, a lot of comments from Trumpers. I don't think they really like Nikki Haley, to be honest, but we'll talk about that for another day. But what an uncanny prediction. Come on, I'm your favorite. You guys watch all the time. But who knew? Two days before Tim Scott dropped out, it was predicted it's right there on TikTok. Who knew TikTok right? What a wonderful place to be. But hey, that all happened and it all went down, and went down in real time. Actually, I'll surprise how fast he dropped out, but he's gone from the race, all right. There's a lot of other things to talk about. First of all, a lot of people kind of got lost in the mix of it, forgot or didn't know or whatever, that there was just an election recently and, truth be told, republicans big losers. There were two major races, there was several that everyone was watching and this was one of them. Correct roll it.

Speaker 2:

Good morning everybody. Okay, good morning family. It was a big upset for the governor there. Not only did he lose the house, but they were not able to flip the senators. Let's look at the map right here. You got Democrats at 51 to the Republicans 47. And when you go over to the house can we switch? And then you got 21 Democrats there in the Senate.

Speaker 1:

All right, once again, it's very interesting and I am part of magnation, but I will say that many in magnation don't follow state politics, because of course we all love Donald Trump and we follow the things he does. But when it comes to the state, I don't realize, or I don't think people realize, how important these are. Now, as a reminder and this is civics class, with Gene Ho just giving you a civics lesson. I know you know this, but just reminding you. And if you didn't know it, you say oh, of course I knew that. Of course of course I know what you're talking about. But now you do know it. Remember all these federal elections. They're run by the state. Everyone thinks that the federal government runs the federal elections. They don't. It's the states that run these elections. So when you have someone like the Virginia state legislature going for both the house and the Senate in the state, it's the same thing that goes on in the federal, it mimics it, except for in the state they control the election. So then. So then, if you have Republican states that are run by Republican legislatures, state legislatures, they can make things more secure, in a sense, to vote. They can have more secure voter rules. For example, they can say hey, you need a driver's license. Now, if it's all Democrats, they can do the opposite. They can lessen it, make it so-called easier for people to vote under the guise, by the way, oh, we want democracy, let democracy live. Let them all vote, no driver's license necessary, just let them all vote. See, it is very important in the states, and the Republicans just got their butts handed to them when it comes to their legislature, because now in Virginia, the state house and Senate are now Democrat. They didn't get a chance to flip it. Of course, the governor is Republican, so it's gonna be very interesting, very interesting what goes on there. And that's not it. There was another loss that day. Greg roll it.

Speaker 2:

Donald Trump got 62% of the vote in the last election against Joe Biden, and Andy Beshear held on to the state. People say that he's a moderate. He's trustworthy, they like him. But, as you know, Daniel Cameron was a rising star in the Republican part. They expected him to win this.

Speaker 1:

All right, here's another case of the Republicans losing. Now it's very interesting, also important. As you know, the governors are very important to the state because they control much of the things with the communication with the federal government, all that stuff and this is civics, but I know you know this. It is very important on the local level and the state level to make sure that these rules are being determined by Republicans. However, they are not in certain states and this election, the Democrats flat out won. Now there's a lot of blame going on around with this right now, and it's in the forefront because of what was said in the debate. Come on, you remember this? This was like I'm gonna tell you I'm a Trump fan, but let's put, let's give credit where credit is due. This is for that guy. Brought it out right into the open. Let's talk about it. Greg, roll it.

Speaker 4:

There's something deeper going on in the Republican Party here and I am upset about what happened last night. We've become a party of losers at the end of the day. We as a cancer in the Republican establishment. Let's speak the truth. I mean, since Ronald McDaniel took over as chairwoman of the RNC in 2017, we have lost 2018, 2020, 2022, no red wave. That never came. We got trounced last night in 2023. And I think that we have to have accountability in our party. For that matter, ron, if you wanna come on stage tonight, you wanna look the GOP voters in the eye and tell them you resign, I will turn over my yield my time to you and, frankly, look the people there cheering for losing in the Republican Party.

Speaker 1:

Okay, so there it is all for you. This is what's going on in the Republican Party in America. Now, of course, you and I both know that we many of us in the magnation are people that vote Republican, but, quite frankly, we don't really like this labels. Now there is another political party called no Labels. There's Independence and all this stuff, but, by and large, a lot of people that support Trump are people that never got involved in politics in the first place. That is very interesting to note when it comes to all this stuff, because now what you have is a dynamic where magnation and the general publicists how do you like that word, that's a pretty good word the general publicists of the Republican Party, the establishment what, by the way, some people would call rhinos. But the insiders of the Republican Party, quite frankly, don't always get along with the outsiders of the party, which is magnation. It just happens that the most popular person in the Republican Party right now is Donald Trump, who is all America first, but he is an outsider. Truth be told, vivek Ramaswamy is an outsider, and the outsider is basically having it out with the insider, which is a chairman of the Republican Party. Now, as I know and I must say it because I know him. He's from South Carolina, but Jamie Harrison is a very, very smart person, very intelligent. He is leading the Republican excuse me, the Democrat Party right now and he is doing a very good job. Most of the stuff that they're doing is, quite frankly, early voting, something that Republicans and many, quite frankly, of the magnation don't really like or believe in. Us people in the magnation really like to vote on election day. Now, that might be the problem, might not be the problem, but it's very interesting that you had someone like Vivek who called out Ronald McDaniels on this and, the truth be told, we've lost a lot of elections really since she's been there. The question is, who is Ronald McDaniels blaming for all of this? Who is she blaming for the loss in these elections? Very interesting, and in a second we're gonna come back and I'm gonna explain it to you who she blames. So you have a vet blaming Ronald McDonald's. Who is Ronald McDonald's blaming? We're gonna find that all out in just a little bit. Stick around about George, with Gene Ho coming back.

Speaker 5:

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Speaker 1:

Welcome back everyone to About George with Gene Ho. But I do want to talk to you about georgevideocom because I have a show right there. You can see it on the top at home with Gene Ho. You see the picture of me there. That is basically another show that I have that is produced by myself. Okay, I get it with this show. This is the big show for not only George but for Amp News. This is very slick. We got Greg doing this and that, all the movement and all this stuff. But for a more laid back show you can see at home with Gene Ho and it's kind of fun. We talk a little bit politics, a little bit about God, and we talk about farm life and home life and all this stuff. It's pretty interesting. And who knows the answer to how many cows that I have? All right, I'll spill it out for you. Right now we have four cows. Oh no, I'm raising some cows. Anyway, you're going to love it. Go to georgevideocom, all right. How's that for a little little plug in there for all the things I'm doing? Now let's just get back to the topic at hand, because here's the situation the Republicans just got trounced in the last election. Interesting thing. A lot of us weren't paying attention to it until after it was the carnage was over. But you have to remember. I'm just letting you know that when it comes to even the state elections and the local elections, all these things matter to build a better America if you want to make it better and Democrats, they're doing it their own way I'm telling you, I know this guy, jamie Harrison. He's the chairman of the Democratic Party and we have Ronan McDaniels, and I get it. I never met her personally that I know of. Maybe I've met her, I don't know. Really don't know, but I don't remember meeting her. I don't know her and who knows, vivek is saying that she's doing a horrible job. You know, I really don't. All I know we're losing and she's blaming one of the things that says, hey, it's the candidates, all right, all I could do is give the message or whatever. I don't know. But who? Who does Ronan McDaniels blame for the problem? It could she be right. We're gonna discuss it. But here's the video. Greg roll it. He went after you personally he did.

Speaker 3:

I'm not gonna do that. I'm always gonna focus on the Democrats. I will say this Dana, this Republican and Republican in fighting I'm not running for president, so I'm not in this primary isn't helping our party. We lost races in 2022 because of vitriol within our party. We need every Republican and then some that win elections. And the Republican voters wanna hear us talk about the border, fentanyl, israel, our kids, crime, inflation and they wanna see us take on Joe Biden.

Speaker 1:

All right. This much I will say. She's kind of right. Okay, that I'll say. Now the other thing I will say in defense of a vet quite frankly, if you know that's the problem, it is your job, mrs McDaniels, to fix that. It really is All right. You know what the problem is. You just told us, and the problem is, is Republican on Republican in fighting and in this interview I think I can't remember, or other interviews is like hey, look, what's happening right there in the house. The Congress I mean Republicans just booted out the speaker and replaced it with a Magus speaker. So we booted out the establishment, put in the Magi guy, all this stuff. There is infighting. There is. She's right about that. But at the same time, what is that up to the podcaster? It's not up to Gene Hoda? Educate people to fix it. I don't know how it's fixed. I could give you you know what. Let's do it this way. I know the heartbeat of imagination and I understand what's going on with the Republicans establishing it. I am so fair to it that when everyone on Magus side is calling you people, that is the establishment, I mean Republicans, rhinos. I'm kind of fair about it. I'm like fair across the board All right. So when I call them, which is the establishment people, when they are calling them Rhinos, I'm just being nice, I'm saying that they're establishment and I get it All right. Let's just put it where it is. A lot of the Republicans are calling the other side the QAnon crazies. First of all, there's no such thing as QAnon. I know that right. There's Q and there's Anons. We all know that. I'm just filling in what you already know, but it's derogatory for the most part when you say these things about us. So I'm not just saying that it's words that are a problem here. I think part of the problem is is someone has to take leadership, possibly the leader of the Republican Party, you, ms McDaniels, to make it better. If you know what the problem is, that's what needs to be done, and I'm not calling you out like Mavek, I'm not trying to embarrass you. I'm just saying listen, if you know what the problem is, fix it, because we're losing by a lot, by a lot, in these things. Okay, here's another thing that's going on, and Rona is everyone on? Rona? I don't know, sorry, sorry if I butchered your name, did not do my research. Anyway, with what it is, here is the other thing that she says that brings out as a problem. And this is interesting, and I'm going to give you the dynamic of what's really going on in America. No solutions, just the dynamics. Anyway, I'll explain it to you in just a second. Greg roll it.

Speaker 7:

The number one most motivating factor was the issue of abortion in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Because while Glenn Youngkin was trying to come up with a moderate approach okay, let's say 15 weeks, and then it would be a ban and we should point out that wasn't on the agenda, that wasn't actually on the ballot, but if you elect all these Republicans I can get this done. It seemed like a moderate thing but unfortunately for him, the people very loudly said you know what that interested in that.

Speaker 1:

All right, let me break it down to you. What's going on in America? The Democrats have figured out the formula. This is the formula. All right, really interesting. Just imagine this. Who in America knows how? Can I say this out of the general populace? Who knows more about government? Okay, this is just, you know, no wrong answer. Okay, who knows more about America? Okay, and government? I would say I really do mean this. I really do mean this. For the most part, imagination does. Imagination knows it very well, because a lot of us go into this and we never do anything about it, and they're like people like me. They suddenly, hey, I'm going to get involved, okay. So I think pretty interesting that a lot of the voting Democrats they don't know about the way government works. However, they, the general populace of the Democrats are very motivated by certain things. One of the things that they're very motivated on who knew? Is the issue of abortion. Now, it is very easy to mobilize the Democrats, people that vote left, by saying, hey, they want to take away your rights to abortion. Okay, whether wrong or right, obviously you know I'm against abortion, make that clear. But an easy way to motivate the base and get them out going in droves is the abortion issue. They feel very strongly for abortion. Now, here is the dilemma here, on the right side. Here what's going on in the right side is you have certain people, especially imagination, which, by the way just going to say a lot of imagination is also devout Christians. Okay, just going to say, like, forget this politically correct thing. They are All right, they are a lot of Christians here and they feel very strongly about no abortion. So much so they're like forget this. 15 weeks, 18 weeks stuff, just say no abortion. That's what most imagination wants. So then you have some of these moderate Republicans, some which would call them rhinos, some like me to say, hey, establishment ones like Junkin from the Carlisle group. You have some of those that say, listen, we want to win elections. So maybe can we have some middle ground. And the middle ground is, hey, we won't have abortion, but maybe 15 weeks Is that a good? What? 18 weeks, I don't know. 17 weeks, whatever, we can have abortion, some of it. And what you have here is the Democrats have figured out how to mobilize their base by saying they're going to take away abortion. Meanwhile, on the right, the far right, maga people, the devout Christians, and not to say, by the way, don't, don't. I'm not saying that some of the establishment Republicans are not devout Christians All right, let's just put it there. But most of far right MAGA is very devout and they don't want abortion at all. But then the dynamic here is you have some of the Republicans trying to make deals and because of that, imagination is like I don't want any part of it. If you're not all in on this, I don't even want to vote. And then because they mobilize them, the Democrats, they win the election. That's it. If you can figure out a solution how to fix that, that's for the other day. But I'm telling you that is a dynamic and until you understand what the dynamic is and why we're losing, then you can never fix it. Is this like anything else in business? You got to find out what's really the core problem, and that's the core problem. That is the core problem. You have imagination saying, hey, no abortion at all, we're not going to compromise at all. And then you have some of the other moderate Republicans saying, hey, we got to work with these people. All right, let me break it all down for you in my closing thoughts. To stick around about George, with Gene Ho coming back.

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Speaker 1:

No-transcript. I'm Dave Blaise. Rachel Wright's Eye Blonde Will Be Back a lot of good stuff coming up and just want to let you know Thank you so much for watching. By the way, I watch all the views and everything and I really do appreciate it because of people that have discovered this program, they are watching and coming back to watch. So I want to say authentically thank you, and not all the time because I can't do it all the time but if you put in your comments on what you think, I do pop in and look at some of these comments and read them. I don't always comment, but especially if you watch any of these on the platform GeorgeMagazinecom, so you know all the comments are moderated, so I get all these comments and I get to see them all. Okay, that all being said, that is what's really really going on in America is that the Democrats found a way to galvanize their base as one to vote en masse in these elections. Who knew? Who knew that you can galvanize people by saying, hey, they want to take away your abortion? It's crazy. It really is, because when you have this, you have some people there that are in the LGBT community and they're like big on abortion, like they're not that I know of, they're not getting pregnant or whatever. But they found a way to galvanize the left into voting en masse. Meanwhile, the right is fully divided and we get to bake this all day long. I mean, that's for another show, because you have some that will not bend at all when it comes to this. They say abortion, no, not 15 weeks, not 18 weeks, not six weeks, not whatever. They don't want abortion at all. And then you have it divided because you have some of the Republicans that are more moderate and they're trying to have some kind of middle ground there and imagination. For the most part, I'm not saying that the establishment Republicans are not about Christians that are vehemently against abortion. I'm just saying it's very divided, all right. So think about that, chew on that, put your comments there, tell me what you think about being said, appreciated, and about George with Gene Ho, and we will see you next week.

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