Trump’s Silent Majority – BACK! | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 270

November 13, 2023 Episode 270
Trump’s Silent Majority – BACK! | About GEORGE with Gene Ho Ep. 270
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The Trump Silent Majority – Is BACK! Gene Ho breaks it down for you!

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Speaker 1:

Now forget Groundhogs Day. This is like 2015,. Like all over again, I'm telling you the silent majority is back. But let me explain. Come on about George, with Gene Ho coming up, all righty, everyone, and happy Friday to you. Hope you have a lot of good things going on. This weekend. It's been an interesting week. We had, of course, the debate, all that stuff going on, but it is Friday, so come on, sit back and it's just me today, so you get to hang out with me. I get to explain all the stuff that we got going on A lot of stuff going on, actually and also want to tell you, by the way, next week we got a lot of great shows coming up there as well. But today we're talking our favorite subject. We're going to talk Donald Trump again today. Why not? It's in the news, he's dominating the cycle. But today we get something really interesting because we get the little chance to talk about what's really going on behind the scenes with America, because I seen it there before. I watched it in real time, and the same exact thing is going on again in America that we seen in 2015. Now, that magic word that we had all along was this thing called the silent majority. That was pretty, pretty big for Donald Trump back in 2015. But I'm going to explain all this stuff and why it's back and all this interesting scenario that we have now in America and I know that I have the pulse of America. Posted this on TikTok yes, the Chinese, the Chinese app, tiktok, all this stuff. Come on, man, everyone has their opinion. I, like it. Haven't banned me. I don't know. Maybe that's why they're Chinese. I don't know, but you got to check out my TikTok. If you've never been there before, it is Let me. I think it's like at gene underscore hoe. Anyway, a lot of people go there and this last video that I just did went viral. When I say viral, I'm talking like thousands and thousands, and then, on top of like the I don't know, almost 400,000 views or whatever. You have all the shares on top of that, and TikTok doesn't count those shares in the video. So, who knows? I mean this video probably over a million, over a million at least. I always say at least a million, because already, like 350,000 and rising views on just my end, you got all those shares. It's going viral. Anyway, I get the chance to introduce myself. This is the first time, first time it has ever happened on this show and you were there to watch it, where I call it my own video, greg roll it. Okay, let me explain to you exactly what's going on in imagination right now. As some of you guys know, I was Donald Trump's personal campaign photographer for two years. I wrote a book about it and the number one place, number one state that bought my book the most copies was California. Here's the other thing I am also the editor chief of George magazine. We put Donald Trump on the cover. The number one place the magazine was bought was California, and I get it because people say, well, it's the biggest state. Of course, the most magazines were sold there. No, the second biggest place was Illinois. So I'll tell you exactly what's going on right now in America and with magnation. And here's what's going on. The silent majority is back and here is why Remember, we had the silent majority back in 2015 and 16. It went away and there was a lot of vocal maga people, trump supporters. Here's why it's back right now. If you love five dollar gallon gasoline, if you love runaway inflation and if you love, quite frankly, interest rates for the mortgage rates 8.7% there's nothing that magnation Trump supporters are anyone that can convince you otherwise? So what's going on in America is all the Trump supporters are now keeping quiet and you're going to watch them come out and vote in mass in 2024. All right, what a handsome guy. Could it be a clone? No, I don't want to start that conspiracy, but I will say if you've never been on my TikTok before, all right, now I try to encourage you to go on the app, whatever. But if you are on TikTok and you don't sign up to follow me or whatever, I am telling you I'm a big deal when it comes to TikTok, but that video, I'm telling you, is going viral. It's wonderful. So we got that going on. But let me explain to you what's going on with all this stuff. All right, here is what went on in our history. I know that people are trying to rewrite history. They're trying to rewrite history, by the way, while we're still living. It's the strangest, strangest thing phenomenon that I see going on in America. But let me explain the history of Trump, because I was there in 2015. Everyone loved Trump. Then, suddenly, what ended up happening is he did this thing with the border wall and everything. And what mainstream media do they paint it, the picture of Donald Trump, as a racist. Now, most I can't say all, because I'm sure there's a lot of Trump supporters that are flat out racist. I'm not saying nobody who knows, but I will say from the rallies I've been to a lot the vast majority I don't know 99.9, whatever A lot of the Trump supporters are not racist. Come on, think, all right, he said this thing with the board of wall and then suddenly all these people in the mainstream media started painting Donald Trump as a racist. So then it born out the silent majority, because people were like wow, I like what the guy says, I think I want to vote for him, but if I'm showing my support of him, guess what? By showing my support, people might think I'm a racist and I'm not a racist. See how that goes, see how that works. So then, ta-da it's amazing, just like that, the silent majority was back, or born, I should say, and they were the ones that said you know what? That's cool, we'll go to Trump rally, watch him on TV. I had so many people say that they love Donald Trump and they're supporting him, but they weren't vocal about it. All right, they just weren't, because every time you say something, people are like, oh, you must be a racist too, all this stuff. Now, of course, he became president and then, 2016, on all this stuff, people started saying, hey, maybe, just maybe, donald Trump really isn't, maybe, really isn't a racist. And then the vast majority of Americans said, hey, this guy's not a bad president, pretty, pretty good. So it became kind of like hip, all right to wear Magna gear and all this stuff. So much so and I'm telling you this is the truth because I was on the Reawakened America tour. I toured throughout the whole 2016 administration. I was touring because I had a book out in 2017, traveling with that. Then it went on the Reawakened tour. I'm telling you, near the end this is near the end of all this stuff going on with the end of the administration around 2020, when I was back on the campaign trail too, I would be able to go to California, go check in in a hotel and walk around with Magna gear on. I'm telling you it was okay. So the other thing I said when I was out there talking to people on my various tours, I said, hey, what we need in America is not not to have the silent majority anymore. We gotta be outspoken about it. Hey, whatever you wanna do, believe it. Now, what happened recently is this people started to say listen, this is getting really dumb because they're attacking Trump for everything. We're just tired of it. People, this movement has been going on now almost for what? Eight, nine years that this movement of Magna's been going on. Magna nation is very, very tired and they just wanna say listen, we can't convince you. If you, that is, other people that don't support Trump or, quite frankly, liberals, whatever if you really do like all this stuff going on with our economy, with the wars, there's nothing I can do to convince you, and so a lot of the people that support Trump's, just like we're not, we're just taking a backseat. Now, interesting and I showed this on yesterday's show what is mainstream media doing? Now, and I showed it yesterday they have headlines of people not going to Trump rallies. But if you go there or you see pictures that Trump rallies are packed out Also, you have other people thinking of the same way as these people think. Correct Rolex.

Speaker 2:

To find out what his supporters thought of his legal troubles.

Speaker 3:

Two for 20 bucks. Waco Raleigh sirks. I love Trump on the back, says Waco at the bottom. It's great to be back in this beautiful and incredible state with thousands of proud hard work in America.

Speaker 2:

USA, usa USA.

Speaker 4:

Are you worried that these criminal investigations could complicate Trump's campaign? No, no, I think it's a great thing.

Speaker 5:

You think it's a great thing? Yeah, I think it's going to just organize this more. I mean, honest to God, I think if people see what the Democrats are continuing to do, they see the false narrative, they know what's BS.

Speaker 1:

Okay, so that I can tell you reflects a lot of how Maganation thinks. I don't know what it is, but when it comes to me, I have the heartbeat of America and I have the heartbeat of magnation. It's like the weirdest, weirdest thing. I know what people are thinking and so when it comes to that, that is exactly what the vast majority of magnation feels. Now, the mainstream media can paint it any way they want. I can believe it, seriously. On the night of the debate he had an event in Florida. I was not there and I saw the pictures, but they made it sound like there's no one going to his rallies. That's not the truth. What's the truth is? People are going, but other people, I'm telling you, they're done, they're waiting for the election and, interesting, it's less less than a year from now. The other thing is and I get it because everyone wants to talk to me about well, what about the last election and all this stuff? What about those things? What about the supposed wins that we're supposed to have? I will talk about that on another day, but until then, I want to talk a little bit about the polls. Anyway, stick around about George RG and Joe coming back.

Speaker 2:

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Speaker 1:

George with Gene Ho and want to do a little house cleaning here. Is that housekeeping or house cleaning, whatever? Got to get some stuff out, because I got another show it's called At Home with Gene Ho and it's like I do it myself in my house. It's pretty neat. It's not as slick as this show and we talk a little politics, but it's not really as much politics. We talk a little bit about the Bible, but we also talk a little bit about homesteading. Oh, look at that. There you go, greg. Greg is Johnny on the Greg spot there Talking about chickens. I'm telling you, chickens are interesting. You got to check it out, at least once you watch it. Once you watch it, you got to go to georgevideocom. That's the only place you can watch it. Okay, how about that for an exclusive? But you got to go there check it out. It's worth it. All right, it's worth the viewership, all right. Now let's get back into our discussion here about politics and the silent majority, because that is what we see right now. Here's the thing with this the biggest explanation and the biggest tell about how people work in these elections. A great, great way to see how our political system is in play is in a place called Iowa because that will be the first place that they will have voting. But, as you know, it's very confusing in Iowa Sorry to say that, because they don't have normal voting Weird. They have what's called the caucus. I don't know who came up with it. It's kind of like a high school. It's like a high school prom voting contest or something. It's just bizarre. Sorry, everyone in Iowa. I salute you. It's concluding Rachel Wright's. I Blonde lives there. But here is what's going on in the first place. As far as the polling, greg roll it.

Speaker 6:

The poll, as you know, shows a former president Trump dominating the 2024 field among likely Republican caucus goers in Iowa. However this is important Nikki Haley now is tied with Ron DeSantis in second place. What do those numbers tell you?

Speaker 4:

You know, I think, vlad, even more notable than the straight up numbers there is the enthusiasm that these polls show in Iowa, where they have caucuses, not a standard primary, the enthusiasm that your supporters have for you has a outsized effect. There is effectively a room where everyone is seeing what everyone is doing and has the opportunity to compel them to go to a different candidate.

Speaker 1:

First of all, why is everyone on TV have perfect hair, short, with a tie and everything? What's up with this show? What's up with me, man? I don't feel I get the feeling that that's why I'm stuck here on this show. That's why I'm stuck here on the show. I don't fit the mold. Every time we do a video, man, I was like, oh my goodness, look at that guy's haircut. Anyway, just making a point about that. All right, let's get back to caucuses, because it's gonna be very interesting when it comes to it, the way a caucus works. I'm telling you it's the weirdest thing. It's like a high school prom contest Bizarre. All right, it's really bizarre. So you go in a room. You got like, let's say, four corners, right, so you got four, there's more candidates, but you got all these. You're liking a gymnasium, right, you're in a gymnasium, and then in this corner you have all the Trump people, and in this corner you have Nikki Haley's, the Santas, whatever, and they're just going there and they're saying come to our side, stand over here, stand with Trump, or whatever, it doesn't even matter wherever it is. So you have basically all these people. I don't know why I'm so giddy about it. I just think it's like a bizarre way of doing it, and I know you guys know this. I'm just saying add some bizarre, bizarre stuff, because I mean, just think about this, right, I'm just being honest about this. I'm a boss, I got all my employees, we're going to the gym, I'm standing on Trump's side. What do you think happens to all my employees? Really, whether they're going to piss me off and go. So I don't know how it works. I'm just saying it's just very strange. My point being is, when it comes to that poll, I am telling you, because Iowa, polls have always, always been pretty, pretty, pretty accurate. All right, why is it pretty accurate? That proof is in the pudding. Maybe we should just do it like that, like how you spoke. No offense to the other places that have voting. I don't see how you cheat in Iowa. You're standing right there in the guy's room to be counted, with everyone looking at how you're voting. So chances are, chances are. When it comes to polling in Iowa, generally speaking, they're pretty accurate. Now I will say it is bizarre because you're talking about peer pressure, right? Oh, my goodness, that's my boss. He's standing on Donald Trump's side. I was going to sneak a vote in for Vivek. I can't do it now. My boss is looking. I guess that's how it works. All right, bizarre. My point is chances are, when you see a poll like that, it's pretty on the spot. Also, I have to say, george Magazine has a poll and I get it. All right, I do get it. It's like a magazine poll online. You got to put in your email. I get it. Fake emails, I get the whole thing. I get it, but large and but heart. I don't even know what the word is. Basically, how about that? That's the better word. Basically, it's pretty accurate. Our polls at George Magazine I get it. It's not like scientific whatever. Could people vote twice? Yes, put in fake emails, I'm sure, but it's so big of a how can I say this? A sampling is generally way, way, spot on. Just defending the George Magazine poll. You got to go there, by the way. All right, now that we're talking, hey, this show is getting a lot, a lot funner. All right, watch, buy stuff, I don't know. All right, but when it comes to the other polls, they could finagle it a little bit. And I'm not saying that this one's a fake poll, I'm just saying it's kind of interesting. Greg, roll it.

Speaker 7:

Now, as everybody, I think, has been watching this both Republicans and Democrats everybody's been worried about which side he would eat more support away from, and his polls like this keep showing you know people are generally those who support Trump, at least are generally more sort of they're going to die with that choice. You know they're not going to change their minds, so he's not really eating into the Trump supporters, but I do think on the Republican side, people who are never Trumpers or who just want another option, that's where that support's coming from.

Speaker 1:

Okay, here's what's going on with this. I will tell you that RFK, being in as an independent, will primarily and I know what, you know it. All right, he's primarily going to take votes away from the Democrat, from Biden. All right, this can say it. Oh, I can't prove it, but I'm just saying that's what's happening. Trump voters are not going to leave Trump voters and the other thing about it. Donald Trump, by the way, he's a Republican candidate, and I get it. There might be other Republicans that now do not want to vote for Trump, and I get it, but he is going to be on the Republican ticket and that's why and I hate to even say it like this, because, maga Fateful, you know they want as they are. How can I say this VP choice? They want someone very Maga Matt Gaetz, kerry Lake, let's name him, but I don't think it's going to happen. I think his this is Donald Trump's his VP pick is going to be an establishment Republican. And, by the way, I hate that word, rhino, because I do know that there are people out there that are Republican in name only, I get it, but a lot of these people that are there, you know, not necessarily rhinos, they are Republicans or establishment Republicans, just making a making a nice, nicely move to the establishment there? Because I get it. You know what they call a lot of the Maga people. They call us QAnon crazies and stuff like that. I get it. You know, no matter what, no matter how much or how little or somewhere in the middle, you believe in conspiracies. I get it. I know what's going on. That's what they tag us Maga people with. All right, they're not used to us. We're not used to the system. Most of us were liberals, some of us had nothing to do with politics, but the point with this is, with this poll, number one, it could switch either way, whereas when it comes to an Iowa poll, generally speaking, it's probably going to be more spot on because you could actually look and see with your own eyes how it's going, and that's probably going to happen there. Now, with everything else, you have to remember that these polls, it depends on where you poll them from. The more accurate polls, if you're going to follow them, is what's going on with the battleground states, because I'm going to tell you in South Carolina they will vote Trump Republican. I don't care where, when, whatever. That's not going to change, right? You understand that Now I get it. A lot of people on my TikTok comments are saying stuff like this. They're saying, oh, and there are a lot, a lot of people in California that are actually supporting Trump, but they keep cheating in the voting. All right, something for another day, we'll talk about all that stuff. But my point is, generally speaking and we know California goes blue what's going to end up being the case is these battleground states, and for another discussion, we're going to talk, probably on Monday, probably on Monday what the reason is for the Republican losses in the elections that we just had. All right there, put it all down for you in a nice big bow for you. It's interesting. It's funny because when you have polls some of them you say, okay, that might be valid, this over here might not be, and I don't cherry pick. I could tell you, generally speaking, why a poll favors a person one way or the other, or maybe becomes a little bit more honest. Okay, but when it comes to this, we'll see what happens. If you think Biden is leading in the polls, keep him in the race, get behind him, make sure he doesn't leave, because I'm telling you, he that is, Biden will get trounced in the election against Trump. All right, stick around. I have my closing thoughts for you and just a little bit about George Eugene Howe coming back.

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Speaker 1:

Welcome back everyone to about George with Gene Ho. And before I finish up with my final thoughts, just want to remind you once again please go to georgeomagazinecom, go in there, vote in our poll that we have there. There you go. You can see all the fun stuff there, and the new issue of George, where we interviewed Robert Kennedy Jr, gave us the exclusive All right. So that's a great thing that we got going on there. But my final thoughts for you this what you are looking for when the first caucus starts I believe it's in January 15th or 16th, don't quote me, but it's the first one and it is in January. What you want, if you are a Trump fan, ready, you want, of course, donald Trump to win it. You want the Santas to come in second, and you heard that right. You want the Santas to come in second. If the Santas comes third, fourth or fifth and he will not do well in New Hampshire, he might drop out. And you don't want him to drop out until after South Carolina, because if you are a Trump fan, if you don't want Nikki Haley to come in a close second to Donald Trump as long as the Santas is still in the race in South Carolina. He will split those never Trump or votes and they'll both be lower. But if he has a very bad showing in Iowa, he will, I believe, have a very bad showing in New Hampshire. If that happens, he's going to be gone, watch it going to be gone by by South Carolina and when that happens, that will give a closer run and then Nikki Haley will stick along a little bit longer, making it a little bit tougher for Donald Trump. Donald Trump still going to win. But that is a play by play and if you understand politics you'll understand what I'm talking about. All right, thank you so much. Hope you enjoy your weekend and don't forget about George with Gene Howe, and we will see you next week. Yeah,

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